What is Sociabble?

  • Sociabble is an online serviced dedicated to employee engagement on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Sociabble brings together, using a visual interface, all of a company’s social network posts. It is also possible to add blog posts and other contents to this interface.  In one click, employees can share this content on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts.
  • The company can activate the gamifaction features where employees win points with each share. A scoreboard allows you to track sharing, create challenges amongst employees or by teams, and even manage campaigns to prioritize the sharing of certain content.

How can my employees Sign-up?

Once your company has opened an account, your employees can register on the platform using their company emails. If your company uses Yammer, employees can register and log on using their Yammer accounts.

What kinds of content can my employees share?

Sociabble brings together all of your brands social media posts from Facebook, Twitter and more. All that you post on these networks appear on Sociabble, on a visual mosaic with each piece of content ready to be shared. You can categorize the content by views (by country, department, product, etc) so that your employees can filter, in one click, what makes sense for them. Sociabble is also capable of showing content from your blogs, web sites, etc. As soon as an RSS feed is available, it can be aggregated onto Sociabble. All of your content can be shared!

How can I monitor what my employees share?

Sociabble also includes a complete dashboard which allows you to follow the level of sharing by network, your best ambassadors, and more.

Why is it interesting for employees to share company content?

Taking into account the fact that each employee has an average of several hundred contacts on various social networks, the ability of companies to convert their employees into ambassadors is essential. Only 36% of social network users trust advertising, but 92% have confidence in people they know (source: dwinq). In addition, a business with 1000 employees can potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people on social networks. Friends and connections of these employees are more likely to trust and engage with their content in comparison with advertisements. Your employees are your best ambassadors.

What do you do with the data on sharing?

We are extremely vigilant when it comes to using your data. We invite you to read our policy on the matter. Personal data is only accessible to your administrators.  None of your personal data is used by Sociabble outside of this usage. Anonymized and aggregated data may be used by Sociabble for their communication needs or in a commercial setting.

Is the service available worldwide?

Yes, the service is accessible worldwide. Sociabble was developed on the Cloud to guarantee both high performance and availability no matter where your employees are located in the world. Presently, the interfaces are available in English and French, with other languages being integrated.

How can I try Sociabble?

Trying out the Sociabble platform is easy! Simply contact us to talk about the solution and features that best fit your needs, and to arrange a demo.

How much does Sociabble cost?

9. A small part of your Paid Media budget will allow you to increase your reach and employee engagement by tapping into your employees. Sociabble costs a fixed amount per month per employee. For the price of a coffee offered to your employees each month, your employees become ambassadors for your brand…and they’ll be able to learn more about your business! Contact us for more information.

Who created Sociabble?

Sociabble was created by Brainsonic, a digital solutions provider and software editor based in Paris, France, with offices in New York. To learn more about Brainsonic, follow this link: About Sociabble.

How may I contact support?

Contact us through our form, we will make sure to get back to you within 24 hours.

Is there any assistance available for the setup of the application at my company?

We’re here to help! We can help you set up Sociabble, and we can also help you with related topics: implementation of social network strategy, introduction to social networks for employees. We already handle major accounts with PMEs on these subjects. Contact us!

How do I deactivate my account?

If you would like to permanently remove your account, please send us your name and email address you used to sign up, with the subject line “delete my account” to support@sociabble.com or by submitting your request on our contact form. You will receive an email confirmation within one business day.

*Note: we maintain the highest standards of privacy with your information, please read our privacy policy to learn more.