When you look
for an employee
advocacy platform
you expect to find…

but you don’t expect to find…

Full flexibility, adaptability & scalability
Hosted on Microsoft Azure, the Sociabble employee advocacy platform is flexible enough to slot into your existing content marketing, internal communication and CRM ecosystem. Sociabble integrates with a wide range of tools, including Yammer, Chatter, Salesforce and Office 365. The platform is also scalable for organizations with multiple subs located all over the world.
A service that goes beyond technology
At Sociabble, we don’t just give you an employee advocacy platform and let you run with it. We offer Customer Success workshops and consulting to help you think beyond the technology involved.
Our dedicated Customer Success team works with you to define the business objectives of your employee advocacy program, evaluate KPIs once the platform has been launched, and optimize your employee advocacy strategy in the long term.
A forward-thinking vision
that benefits the entire organization

Social media is changing the way companies reach and interact with prospects, clients, partners and candidates. A key part of this is empowering employees to communicate on behalf of the company across social networks.

At Sociabble we believe employee advocacy isn’t just about creating additional visibility for marketing content, but that it’s a method of communication that should be prioritized by all company departments moving forward. If you share this vision, then let’s team up.