An effective onboarding program means productivity gains for companies

The onboarding phase helps new employees become integrated into the company, and believe it or not, your company’s overall productivity depends on how well you onboard them.
Find out how to maximize new employees’ first days.

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The first impression matters

The way you welcome your employees to your company gives them a chance to get acquainted with the work culture, job expectations, and other colleagues. Make sure it’s engaging and impactful.

Among employees who are aligned and engaged:

  • 82% are less likely to leave their jobs, increasing company’s retention
  • 70% are more productive, improving company’s overall performance

  • Yet, more than 58% of employees said their onboarding was focused on processes and paperwork.

Get things right from day one with a digital, easy-to-use Internal Communication & Employee Engagement solution.

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ENGAGING CONTENT HUB - Centralize Internal Communications and boost employee engagemen

Personalize the step-by-step onboarding journey

Sharing generic communications during the initial phase can lead to unforeseen confusion later. Our solution offers easy-to-apply audiences with advanced filtering capabilities to target your communication and cater to different types of onboarding needs.

PERFECTLY CALIBRATED SEGMENTATION Harness the power of groups - Build audience with pin-point accuracy

Add the fun factor

The onboarding process can be overwhelming for your employees. Our solution ensures information retention during this process. Our gamification features help your employees stay motivated throughout the journey by creating excitement by allocating points, showcasing leader board positions, distributing badges, sharing quizzes & polls, and much more.

BEST ENGAGEMENT FRAMEWORK - Gamification & Personalization

Mix it up

Share the right mix of content to keep your employees interested and attentive so that they are motivated to consume the information you share during onboarding. Sociabble supports various forms of communication such as images, videos, newsletters, must-read news, notifications, and more to facilitate that.

PROJECT CROWDSOURCING - Engage Employees in Co-Creation

Client onboarding success stories with Sociabble

VINCI Energies

A world leader in the energy industry with a presence in 55 countries, VINCI Energies was successfully able to onboard a large number of their employees with Sociabble.

Case Study: How Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners engages & connects with its 22,000 employees in Europe using Sociabble

Watch the webinar to discover:

  • How CCEP adapted to manage complex flows of information.
  • How they ensure that the employees feel included in the dynamic streams of news and updates.
  • The do’s and don’ts of cross-channel communication.
  • How to build a strong communication channel across hierarchies and how to reinforce your teams.
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Customer :Coca Cola
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Customer :Vinci Energies
Customer :Tata Consultancy Services
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