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Content Creation on Sociabble

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Sociabble administrators now have the ability to create content that is displayed on the platform for users to share on their own social networks with the new “Content Creation” functionality. As it is created on Sociabble, it is hosted on the platform; and only displayed on the social networks of users who share it.

When creating content on Sociabble, administrators enter the title of the post as well as two different messages. One that appears when we share the post on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+; and another that appears when we share the post on Twitter. Administrators may also upload an image to include in the post.



If, when creating content, administrators include a link to an existing page; and the interface will automatically populate with metadata that one can take from that URL. But of course, administrators may then modify any of this data, personalizing titles, messages and images.


Content Creation on Sociabble


The Sociabble Content Creation Interface


Each piece that is created on Sociabble is stored on the ‘Created Content’ stream which, though hosted on the Sociabble platform, is treated as a social network feed. So in order for created content to appear on Sociabble channels, administrators must link the ‘Created Content’ stream to the desired channel(s); as they do with all other social network accounts.

When linking the stream to Sociabble channels, administrators may also filter posts using keywords and hashtags. For example, you can filter the stream using the hashtag #events for the ‘Events’ channel and #job for the ‘Recruitment’ channel; with only the relevant posts appearing in each case.

Another key aspect of the content creation functionality is the possibility to define how long created posts appear on the Sociabble wall. Administrators can indefinitely display the content or, alternatively, set an end date. This feature is particularly useful for creating content that ties in with events and campaigns; especially when the timing of content publication is of paramount importance.

By aggregating company social streams and offering filtered content channels, Sociabble allows companies to make all their content available in one place and tailor it to the interests of employee and brand advocates. And now, thanks to content creation, administrators can complement aggregated content with newly created posts; without having to leave the Sociabble platform.

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