Driving Internal Communication with Sociabble

Internal Communication

Take your Internal Communication Higher with Sociabble

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The Sociabble employee advocacy platform is designed to act as an engagement hub for both internal and external communication, as company administrators can create channels for internal content as well as that which is available for sharing on external social networks.

Internal content is created directly on the Sociabble platform and appears on users’ wall just like all other content; but without social network sharing buttons. Examples of internal content include news about company activity, information about an upcoming event; or also a call to action that includes a link to a specific web page.

For example, if administrators want to encourage users to like the company Facebook page, they can create a post that appears on the Sociabble interface. Clicking on the post will then open a customized message within Sociabble; along with a CTA that takes users directly to the Facebook page.



Internal content is an integral aspect of Sociabble, as it enables companies to optimize the platform for all departments. Not only can administrators aggregate content to be shared externally to enhance marketing, social selling and recruitment, but they can also create channels for internal content in order to keep users informed and boost and drive internal communication.

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For more on launching employee advocacy across departments, read about our recent webinar on company-wide employee advocacy.

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