Employee Advocacy and the Uberization of Communication in the Enterprise

Internal Communication

What is Uberization? What Does it Have to Do with Employee Advocacy?

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“In a small window of time, we have been able to not only identify, but also coin a term that describes a phenomenon starting to transform the way we live and do business…”

What do Uber and Airbnb have in common? They provide services that others don’t produce; but rather ones providers source from competitive value propositions. They repurpose existing resources in a way that you can now commonly refer to as “uberization”.

In this article published on LinkedIn, Marylin Montoya, VP Marketing & Partnerships at Sociabble, explores how uberization involves the democratization of ideas; as well as abilities and contributions that were previously limited to certain functions and profiles. The article also demonstrates how employee advocacy “embodies this concept.”

As individuals who weren’t previously empowered to play a role in brand awareness; lead generation and recruitment are now actively encouraged to do on social media.



As the article highlights, employee advocacy “democratizes traditional job roles in the sense that it offers others the opportunity to make contributions they would not have been previously enabled to do.”

Perhaps there is another question we should ask instead. What do Uber and employee advocacy have in common? With the answer being: quite a lot.

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