Four Ways to Engage Employees on Social Media

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Four Ways to Engage Employees on Social Media

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Employee advocacy seeks to use those who know your brand best as a voice of influence. The goal is to engage employees and build a community of advocates whose voice holds genuine influence. Social media is a great way to spread that influence.  However, simply establishing a community of advocates is not enough to ensure its longevity. In order to inspire action, you need a strategy to continually engage advocates, and demonstrate that advocating for their company is worth their time.

Here are Four tips on how to engage employees and thrive on social media.

1. Provide Training and Guidelines

To engage employees you need to make them feel secure and confident. Employees must be educated on the ins and outs of social media sharing. They need to know what content they are allowed to share. Training courses go a long way to clearing up questions or doubts your employees have. In addition, offer “guidelines” (as opposed to “rules”) on what is, and is not appropriate to share. “Guidelines” allow employees the room to breathe, and offer them the chance to be creative yet remain on message without feeling confined. Using an employee advocacy tool can be a great way to monitor posts, and provide easy to follow guidelines, as administrators can approve posts before they go out. By training and educating your employees on proper social media practices, you can be sure that they will have the necessary know-how to become ambassadors for their company.

2. Share Company Goals and Values

Does everyone on your team understand why you do what you do? Do they understand the values and goals their company is trying to achieve? It can be difficult to engage employees in a new program if they don’t see the greater purpose. Outline your goals and values, so they can better understand why it is important to share that message with others.

3. Make Sharing Easy

Give employees a head-start with readily available content. Newsletters, blog articles, awards, job postings, or press mentions serve as great shareable content. Provide employees with shareable text and links, Twitter-ready posts, hashtags, images, and videos. Using an employee advocacy platform is a great way to make sharing easy as it aggregates approved content, and facilitates internal communication. Making it easy to share is essential to success.

4. Recognize and Reward

Serious business and good fun are not mutually exclusive; the content advocates share may well be linked to major company activity (hence the importance of training), but that doesn’t mean the advocate experience can’t be enjoyable and exciting. A little competition goes a long way to engage employees, ultimately boosting the effect their sharing activity has on the overall objectives of your employee advocacy initiative. With regular campaigns, content sharing is never boring. Gamification fosters collaboration and encourages support, by using engaging and exciting challenges while also remaining tied to serious bottom line goals. Campaigns are launched every week, month, or quarter according to your marketing objectives. New prizes and perks keep advocates on their toes.

Engage Employees on a Continual Basis

As employees come on board let them know about upcoming campaigns and social media efforts. Ensuring they know how to get involved in amplifying your company message makes it easy for employees to engage online.



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