The Hopstairs Group FY17 Earnings crowd


The Hopstairs Group FY17 Earnings

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The Hopstairs Group (Brainsonic, Sociabble), a leader in digital communications and social media amplification announces $19 million (USD) in annual revenue with 20% profitable growth

The Hopstairs Group, which is comprised of communications agency Brainsonic, and software provider Sociabble, achieved a turnover of $19 million USD for 2017; with an organic and profitable growth of 20%. The group has also strengthened its cash position, to a point greater than the combined amount raised throughout the group’s history. For 2018, Hopstairs intends to further break into new growth stages.


With this news, it is fair to say that the group, which specializes in engaging audiences, is reaping the benefits of a strategy that has been under way for several years.


Brainsonic, “The Engagement Agency” has developed a unique understanding of how to engage their clients’ audiences. This data driven strategy includes the use of listening audiences, market insights, the application of editorial strategies, and the use of a “Content Factory”; which feeds conversations on social networks or via digital events.


The last 4 years Brainsonic balanced its activity between B2C and B2B, due to the strengthening of both its creative teams and planning strategies. The creativity of the agency, combined with its unique ability to deliver large projects; and through well established procedures and management tools, allows the agency to maintain strong organic growth.


Sociabble, the audience engagement platform that covers employee advocacy, social selling, internal communications, and brand advocacy scenarios; continues its hyper-growth across Europe, the United States, and Asia Pacific. Even in France, a third of CAC40 companies use Sociabble.


The two entities of the Hopstairs group, (Brainsonic and Sociabble) legally separated this past year; following their development model for a consolidated growth of 20% in 2017.

For 2018, the group intends to maintain profitable double-digit growth by combining organic and external growth. It also plans to recruit more than 30 employees for its two entities over the course of 2018.


About Hopstairs

Hopstairs is a digital group dedicated to engaging audiences. Created in 2003, the group consists of the communications agency Brainsonic (The Engagement Agency), and social software provider Sociabble, a specialist in employee advocacy, social selling, and employee engagement. The group is headquartered in Paris and has subsidiaries in Lyon, London, New York City, and Mumbai.

The group’s ambition is to establish itself, through its activities, as a global leader in engaging B2B and B2C audiences.

Since its inception, the group has continued to develop its organic and external growth; through the combination of innovation, know-how, rigorous management, and excellence of execution. All while preserving Hopstairs’ essential values:  humility, kindness, honorability, loyalty, respect, and trust. At the heart of the group’s development lies the commitment of its teams.



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