Less Is More: How the Interbrand 100 Drive Engagement on Facebook

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Sometimes Less Is More. At Least According to Interbrand 100

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According to a study conducted by Simply Measured, Facebook closed the first quarter of 2015 with $3.54 billion in revenue. Including a monthly user count of 1.44 billion (up 3.6% quarter-over-quarter); as well as 936 million daily users (up 17% year-over-year). Facebook revenue also jumped by 42% year-over-year.

But as Facebook evolves, so to do the ways brands use the social network to drive awareness, promote products and connect with fans. The study also revealed that among the Interbrand 100 brands, the number of posts has gradually decreased but engagement levels (Likes, comments and shares) have grown by 43.5% year-over-year. This suggests that top brands are focusing on quality, not quantity, and that it is working.

From Finance to Fashion: How Industries Are Getting Savvier on Facebook

Many brands now realize that they don’t need to post more in order to increase engagement; they just need to be smart about the content they share. According to the Simply Measured data, the Interbrand 100 posted 12% less on Facebook in Q1 2015 than they did in Q4 2014. But despite this, they received 28% more shares.

What’s interesting about the report is that it provides a breakdown of how different industries are connecting with online audiences more successfully. For example, between Q4 2014 and Q1 2015, the business services vertical of the Interbrand 100 (Accenture, IBM and Xerox) saw the greatest fan growth; automotive brands received 37% more engagement and collectively. And Adidas and Nike received 247% more engagement.

Brands are also making headway when it comes to customer service on Facebook. The retail vertical sent the most responses to fans during Q1 2015 (2,467). But with an average response time of four hours, it was the electronics industry that came out on top in terms of speed.

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No Letup in the Rise of Video

One of the key reasons why brands are receiving greater engagement on Facebook despite posting less is that they are focusing on compelling, entertaining content that avoids direct sales pitches; yet instead showcases customer storytelling, and often takes the form of videos. Indeed, video was the only content type that the Interbrand 100 increased use of in Q1 2015, with a 2% change over Q4 2014.

Although this report focuses on the Interbrand 100, they are by no means the only brands to be embracing more creative content marketing strategies. Nor is video brands’ only strategy on social media. Check out these articles about how brands are leveraging selfies, emoji and banter; in order to show off their human side and create closer links with consumers.

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