New Analytics and Dashboards Allow for Even Greater Analysis

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New Analytics and Dashboards Allow for Even Greater Analysis

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At Sociabble, our ability to improve clients’ capacity to analyze the impact of advocate sharing activityhas always been a priority. With each new development, we incorporate tools that allow companies to measure the impact and use of new social networks and features.


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For example, with the recent integration of Instagram came new analytics specific to that network. Administrators are now able to track the engagement generated by Instagram content, as well as the networks on which it is shared by advocates.

What’s more, following the integration of email notifications, new dashboards have been introduced that allow companies to monitor which recipients engage with the messages, which links they click on and many other metrics. Thanks to new analytics and dashboards, companies on Sociabble are able to see the direct impact their content marketing activity is having, both on and around the platform.

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