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Employee Advocacy RFP Template

Marketing Team, Experts in Employee Advocacy, Sociabble
Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

Introducing the Employee Advocacy RFP template; A simple, ready to use, free template designed to help you find the perfect tool for your employee advocacy, social selling, and internal communications needs.

Finding the right employee advocacy solution is a complex process. While the need to find a tool that can address any and all needs is imperative, knowing which questions to ask and what criteria to base your decision on can be challenging.

Simplify your process with the Employee Advocacy RFP Template

The Employee Advocacy RFP Template is designed to simplify the decision process by providing you with a series of criteria and corresponding questions to help you identify and select the tool that meets your needs.

Criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • Content
  • Social Network Sharing
  • Engagement
  • Customer Success Management
  • Security
  • Account Connection
  • Management
  • Analytics

The design of the template exists due to experts across the employee advocacy, social selling, and internal communications sphere; all who have worked in multiple industries with enterprises of all sizes. Their experience has helped craft a template to simplify your selection process and ensure you find the right tool to fit your initiative.

Download the Employee Advocacy RFP Template, and simplify your selection process.

Download the RFP Template

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