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Sociabble at the Salesforce World Tour, Paris

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Salesforce World Tour in Paris

Sociabble at the Salesforce World Tour, Paris

On Thursday 25 June 2015, Sociabble teams will be at the Salesforce World Tour when it stops off in Paris. The event, which is organized into themed workshops and one-to-one meetings, offers insights into how companies of all sizes can optimize their investment in Salesforce.

Attendees will have the opportunity to talk to the Sociabble team about how the Sociabble employee advocacy platform integrates with Salesforce.

Synchronize your tools and CRM systems

More and more companies are embracing brand advocacy in order to boost visibility organically through the voice of their employees. But in order to be successful, employee advocacy platforms need synchronization with companies’ existing workflow; including listening tools, lead tracking software and CRM systems.

This is why Sociabble integrates with Salesforce, a global leader in CRM. The integration enables companies to streamline social media activity generated on the platform with their existing lead generation and infrastructure.

To take the example of sales teams, being able to view and share relevant content on a platform (Sociabble) that is accessed via a tool they already use (Salesforce) is a major benefit as it centralizes the various stages of the social selling process.

All your insights in one place

The integration of Sociabble with Salesforce also offers comprehensive visibility into how employee advocacy drives bottom-line business objectives.

For example, linking Sociabble advocacy metrics such as audience engagement, post reach and peak sharing times with lead generation information and sales data aggregated on Salesforce allows companies to analyze the entire lead generation process, from share all the way through to sale.

Most companies need employee advocacy to boost more than just brand awareness. This is why Sociabble integrates with CRM systems, such as Salesforce; it creates a seamless link between content marketing and sales activities.

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