Ready, Set, Share! The Optimization of Sociabble Challenges

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Ready, Set, Share! The Optimization of Sociabble Challenges

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Sociabble challenges boost sharing activity by injecting a little healthy competition, allowing advocates to compete for prizes through sharing content, either as individuals or within teams. And now, thanks to the optimization of challenges, administrators may coordinate them even more closely with existing marketing initiatives.



Rather than a “first past the post” system, whereby participants race to achieve a pre-defined target as quickly as possible, first prize is awarded to the person or team with the highest number of points at the end of the challenge period. This enables administrators to launch challenges that run alongside existing marketing efforts, motivating advocates to share specific content for as long as those efforts last.

When participating in a challenge on Sociabble, advocates must reach a threshold in order to be in with a chance of winning. For example, if the minimum number of points is set at 250, participants must obtain 250 points in order to qualify. But in order to win the challenge, they must have more points than everyone else at the end of the challenge period.

Administrators may therefore define the length of challenges according to the duration of existing marketing initiatives and, thanks to the way the challenges work, incentivize advocates to keep sharing from start to finish. So whether the objective of the challenge is to promote an event that lasts three days, a week-long recruitment campaign or a longer countdown to a product launch, challenges allow administrators to valorize specific content and motivate advocates to share it over a certain period of time.

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