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Sociabble + Safran: A Successful Employee Engagement Case Study

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One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do at Sociabble is watching our clients achieve their communications goals. It’s always an honor and a pleasure to play a role in that success. And we’re especially proud when those efforts on the part of our clients receive the recognition they deserve. Such was the case when Safran won two awards for its latest communication initiative.



In November, Safran accepted a COM-ENT d’OR prize, in the category of “Managerial Communication and Driving Change.” The award was based on their “Safran Joins with Zodiac Aerospace” campaign. A campaign in which Sociabble was proud to have a pivotal role.


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Trophées de la Communication Prize

Additionally, Safran also received a 2018 Trophées de la Communication prize under the category of “Best Internal Communication Initiative.” This award recognized its innovative approach to internal communication, and celebrated the successful implementation of its program as it pertained to the acquisition.


Trophee Communication


This is the original employee engagement case study of the award-winning initiative.


The Challenge

For Safran, the need for an effective employee communication initiative became even more apparent when the company acquired Zodiac Aerospace. The merger presented a series of communications challenges, as one might expect when a company of 35,000 employees joins with a company of 58,000 employees. Keeping the collective workforce up-to-date on the process was absolutely key. And it would require new employee engagement ideas. The company defined their challenges as follows:

—Ensure that every employee from both groups (Safran & Zodiac Aerospace) has a complete view and is informed of the acquisition, by using a united platform

—Implement a platform that’s easy to use and available on mobile devices

—Onboard both white-collar and blue-collar employees to educate a potential 100% of Safran and Zodiac Aerospace employees


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“The Challenge: Implement a platform that’s easy to use and available on mobile devices.”

The Solution

To address the challenges, Safran teamed up with Sociabble as a means of keeping employees informed and engaged with the Zodiac Aerospace acquisition. The process was collaborative. And working together, we created a strategy and a platform for achieving their employee engagement goals. The solution involved:

—The company announcing the deployment of Sociabble to all employees the day of the acquisition

—The creation of dedicated channels about the acquisition and the history of both companies, with employees given the ability to comment and like every post

—Sociabble managing the onboarding of blue-collar employees, i.e. those without a professional email address

—15,000 employees registered in less than 6 months, with thousands of positive comments and actions generated on the platform


“15,000 employees registered in less than 6 months, with thousands of positive comments and actions generated on the platform.”

Sociabble and Employee Engagement

The Safran + Zodiac Aerospace employee engagement case study is just one success story of many. Our platform is designed to provide employee communication and employe advocacy solutions for companies of all sizes, fields, and structures. And it is based on a central idea: informed, engaged, and influential employees are the most valuable resource of any company. The benefits of informed and engaged employees are undeniable. Companies that are highly effective communicators have 47% higher returns to shareholders. Productivity in organizations with connected employees improves by 20-25%. Therefore, a platform that can facilitate employee engagement ideas is a crucial part of any company’s communications strategy.


What Sociabble Can Do for Your Company

Empowering companies to reach their communications goals is what we do. If you’d like to learn more about how Sociabble can help with your company’s next internal communication or employee communication project, you can book a free demo here. We’re always happy to chat. We can give you a run through of Sociabble’s full capabilities, and discuss ways that our platform can improve employee communication and employee advocacy at your company. We have a full CSM staff on hand to answer questions, and we treat each client as a unique case. So why not get in touch? The benefits of informed, engaged, and influential employees are closer than you think.


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