Social Media for Business: You Mean You’re Still Not Convinced?

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Social Media for Business: You Mean You’re Still Not Convinced?

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“No matter how many people in the world use social media, no matter how many business success stories emerge, no matter how many new technologies emerge to fill specific business gaps, some bosses are yet to be convinced of the value of social media. But one thing bosses the world over love, no matter how enlightened they may be about the value of an effective social strategy, is data.”

This is the beginning of a recent article published by Hootsuite; which rightly points the value of social media needs to be linked to company’s concrete business objectives. The author, @EvanLePage, presents a series of powerful statistics that support the potential ROI of social media for business. Among them, Facebook fans purchase 35 percent more than typical consumers; 54 percent of Twitter users have taken action after seeing a brand mentioned in a tweet. And over 80 percent of B2B leads generated on social media come through LinkedIn.

One statistic in particular stands out: according to a study carried out by the social network itself, 53 percent of Twitter users recommend products in tweets. Which begs the question; why on earth wouldn’t you engage as many people as possible in brand communication? This statistic points towards the popularity of user recommendations and reinforces the fact that the latter often carry more weight than traditional ads.



This also applies to all social networks, not just Twitter. In an increasingly competitive social media landscape, paid media alone is not enough to stay relevant. Companies need to additionally embrace the power of word of mouth marketing and the potential of brand advocacy. Engaging employees, fans, and partners to share brand messages on their own social networks doesn’t just generate visibility; it boosts credibility and drives ROI. This is because social media users, who are often wary of ads, trust content that comes directly from people they know.

To discover other stats about social media for business, read the full article One Stat for Every Social Network That Will Convince Your Boss It’s Important.

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