Social Media: Why Departments Are Better Off Together

Social Media

Social Media: Why Departments Are Better Off Together

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What do fish and chips, Batman and Robin and your departments have in common?

They all work better together.

For many companies, social media activity began with individual departments taking it upon themselves to create their own social network accounts.  Over time, this has led to the creation of overlapping and/or duplicate profiles, not to mention disparity between departments’ respective strategies on social media.

If companies are to remain competitive and, what’s more, relevant in the digital world, they need to assume a more collaborative approach.  Departments across the board must come together in order to share ideas, consolidate content and coordinate their social media objectives.



A Fair Balance of Content

A large number of departments now take advantage of social media.  But as they frequently do so in an uncoordinated way, they are not getting the very most out of it.  Depending on the department to which they belong, social network accounts take on a very different and often inconsistent appearance.

Each department deals with a certain aspect of the customer journey, be it the initial phase of product discovery, the ultimate act of purchase or any of the numerous stages in between.  Clients, however, are inclined to explore all the social media pages on offer, which is why continuity across all company accounts is essential.  Contrary to what individual departments think, a fair balance of content is what best serves the interests of all involved.

A Collaborative Ecosystem

By coordinating their efforts on social media, different departments act in their mutual interests; clients, prospects, employees and job candidates all become part of the same ecosystem.

This ecosystem enables sales teams to act as experts; while collaborating with fellow departments in order to teach prospects much more than just the price of products.  It allows marketing teams to showcase the company culture by highlighting employee testimonials.  What’s more, it enables job candidates and company partners to benefit from seeing positive customer feedback.

In short, a collaborative social media ecosystem allows departments to continue with what they have been doing all along, with the difference being that they do so in a coordinated way that enhances the customer experience and reinforces the company’s online presence.

An Online Content Hub

Collaboration does not mean that individual departments cannot continue to devise their own plans; but rather that all activity should be underpinned by core company objectives and a clearly defined brand image.  What better way to do this than by establishing a central content hub where all publications can be consolidated, viewed and shared?

Sociabble aggregates all social media content on a single, highly visual interface.  Not only does this enable departments to share and align their social media efforts; but it also allows employees to engage with and promote company content at the click of a button.  As well as enhancing visibility, boosting productivity and stimulating engagement, Sociabble helps you make sure all departments are on the same page- literally.  Interested?  Find out more about launching an employee advocacy initiative with Sociabble.

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