Using Social Media Networks to Increase Sales

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Using Social Media Networks to Increase Sales

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It’s fair to say that the advent of social media networks has meant a drastic shift in sales methods. Potential clients are no longer influenced by hard sales tactics. They prefer a softer approach. Social selling is exactly that.

In their latest article Times Live discusses the benefits and challenges of social media. Additionally, they cover the networks you should be using and how to build your social selling game.

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The benefits and challenges of social media networks

Social media has some incredible benefits, especially when it comes to prospect research. Using sites such as LinkedIn to make direct contact with prospects, and others such as Twitter and Facebook to understand pain points is both useful and time-saving.

On the other hand, one of the greatest challenges of social media is the consumer’s power over a brand. They can rate and comment on a brand online with a simple click of a button. In an instant, consumers can leave a glowing or scathing review. Therefore it is important that brands efficiently manage their image across social media platforms.

The Importance of Visuals

Social media is run by images and videos. To boost post engagement and content views you also need to ensure that you have great visuals.

Why? It’s simple: attractive visuals make content more shareable.

Be the Complete Package

Although you are using social media networks to increase sales you need to ensure your networks offer more than just product descriptions and demos. In addition to showcasing what you sell, it is important to establish trust and demonstrate your expertise within your industry.

To demonstrate your expertise focus on generating content that is relevant to your industry, but may not feature your own product.

To build trust look into employee advocacy or social selling programs which are designed to create brand ambassadors out of your employees. Additionally, studies have shown that people are more likely to trust individuals over brands. So who better to represent your brand than the people who know it best, and can truly convey its benefits while directly connecting with your target audience?



The Bottom Line

Embracing social media is a great way to build your social selling game. By building relationships and trust with your customers you’ll watch nor only your followers, but also your profits grow.

For more about using social networks to increase sales read the complete Times Live article here.

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