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How to Engage your Audience on Social Media?

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Following somebody on social media requires the click of a button and very little forethought. So when people decide to follow your company online, it’s up to you to continually keep a lot of audience engagement.

Whether you refer to them as a tribe, a pack, or a herd, what your social media followers should be is a community; a group of people who share a mutual interest in your company and its social media content. By targeting the right followers you can maximize audience engagement. By maximizing engagement you turn the most passive of onlookers into your company’s biggest fans. So how to Engage your Audience on Social Media?

When it Comes to Audience Engagement, Size Isn’t Everything

The bigger your audience on social media, the greater your brand exposure.  However, your social media following needs to be loyal as well as large. It’s far better to have an engaged audience of a few thousand than it is to have millions of casual followers who pay next to no attention to your content.

Rather than diluting your social media content in an effort to attract anyone and everyone, tailor it to your brand and target followers who are actually interested in your content. After all, these are the people whose input on social media will be most beneficial to your company and whose attention it is worth chasing.

To engage your audience on Social Media: Don’t Be Shy

Your social media activity shouldn’t be restricted to your own social networks. Participating in discussions elsewhere allows you to broaden your perspective as well as your audience.  Joining groups and pages that relate to your brand is the best way of targeting people who are likely to connect with you in return. As for your existing followers, invite feedback.

Use analytics to see what types of content receive the most hits and start conversations to find out why others aren’t performing as well. 

Don’t be afraid of bad press. Any and all interaction allows you to improve; and is more of a help than a hindrance in the long run.

Keep Your Followers Wanting More

In order to ensure the loyalty of your social media followers, you need to offer them something others can’t.  You need to demonstrate how your brand is different and why it is in your audience’s best interests to engage with your content. This means tapping into their frustrations. 

Where are the gaps in the market?  Which type of products are people looking for?  What can customers get from you that they won’t find elsewhere? 

These are the sorts of questions you should always be asking; whether you are targeting existing followers or looking to attract new ones. Social media is all about loyalty. In return for your audience’s engagement, you need to provide content that is of value to them. If you don’t, they will never be prepared to invest in your social networks.

Thanks to those quality tips, now you know how to engage your audience on Social Media! Want to learn more about engagement?

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