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The CMS Asia Conference: 4 Key Learnings on Content Marketing

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On Wednesday, May 8th, Sociabble’s Mumbai office was proud to participate in the CMS Asia Conference, a content marketing event where some of the sharpest minds in online marketing today got together to discuss the potential and unique challenges associated with content marketing in Asia, especially with the rise of digital and social media. Given the subject matter, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss our own philosophy on content marketing, as well as share our key learnings from the event. 


Challenges to Effective Content Marketing: 4 Key Learnings

Over the course of the event, a number of common hurdles were discussed, obstacles that often stand in the way of a company implementing an effective content marketing strategy. But these same challenges can also pose new opportunities, if they are understood and addressed. For example:

Open Rates for Email are Still Low

Deepali Nair, opening speaker at the event explained how open rates for emails to employees are usually around 1-1.5%, and at the very best 10%. This means that new and inventive techniques are needed to improve the odds of engagement, and other platforms should be considered.

It’s a Team Effort

Deepali also mentioned that it’s not about focusing on the CXO level, but managing all the employees when it comes to content and brand reputation. It’s a team effort, and all stakeholders need to be onboarded, appropriately trained, and kept in the loop.

Creative Training Methods are Needed

A representative from HDFC Life spoke of how it’s no longer feasible to train employees in a classroom—you need to get creative with audio and video, and be available to them on the go. This means richer, more immersive training materials, and mobile applications that can travel with them throughout the day.

Quantity isn’t the Issue

Apart from this, there was a mutual consensus that while content is still extremely important, the current issue is not a lack of content, but rather how to make it stand out amid all the noise. This means a focus on content that’s informative and beneficial, and that hones in on specific needs. So having the right kind of content matters.


CMS Asia Content Marketing Conference

Sociabble was honored to participate in this year’s CMS Asia conference, with a focus on getting the most out of content marketing.

But what is the right kind of content?

Using content as a marketing vehicle is hardly a new concept. Magazines, radio programs, tv shows—they’ve all been using the public’s interest in content to build an audience for advertisers for years now. What’s different about “content marketing,” however, is that the content is in-and-of-itself a marketing tool. The content has become part of the marketing—it is an advertisement on its own—rather than just a lure to pull in potential consumers to view a separate ad. And digital & social media, especially when coupled with mobile marketing, have made this strategy effective. For content marketing to work, however, the content needs to be useful, informative, and entertaining.


Authenticity and distribution make the difference.

There are several factors that make the production and execution of content marketing difficult. The first and foremost has to do with authenticity, with content that actually looks and feels “human.” Consumers don’t like to feel that they’ve been “tricked,” nor should a company want to engage in that kind of manipulative marketing. The content actually should be helpful and informative, something that people draw real benefit from.

The second crucial factor is related to dissemination. Specifically, how to distribute the content online for consumers to digest. Organic reach is obviously limited, SEO is complex and always a struggle, and advertisements are expensive, and generate limited engagement. Getting the content out there effectively is one of the biggest hurdles a company can face.


CMS Asia Conference on Content Marketing

The event highlighted the challenges and the obstacles to providing meaningful and engaging content.

The solution? Get employees involved in content marketing.

With the above challenges in mind, one of the most direct solutions is to onboard employees as part of the content strategy, producing valuable, authentic, and very human UGC (user generated content). Employees can share their own content to obtain reach, engagement, and a larger digital footprint, both for themselves and the company. This will also build contacts, and in turn assist with social selling. In fact, this kind of employee advocacy is the ideal companion for a social selling program.


Sociabble offers the perfect content marketing & employee advocacy platform.

If you’d like to learn more about how Sociabble can help your company with content marketing and employee advocacy, just drop us a line. Beyond a free demo, we’re happy to share case studies, operational plans, and references from some of our past and current clients, like Infosys,  Bajaj Allianz, and TCS in India, and Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, L’Occitane, and BNP Paribas around the world. To get in touch with a representative, just click here. We’re always happy to chat!



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