Twitter Launches Audience Insights

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Twitter Launches Audience Insights

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Twitter Launches Audience Insights

In today’s ultra-competitive social media landscape, how do you produce and promote content that resonates? One thing that goes a long way towards creating a successful content marketing strategy is having the ability to obtain insights into audiences on the receiving end in order to use their engagement activity to shape what you produce, as well as when and where you publish it.

Twitter has launched audience insights, a new tool that helps marketers better understand how their followers engage with content and also identify relevant audiences to target through campaigns. Additionally, the audience insights dashboard aggregates information about user demographics, interests, purchasing behavior, and more.

Marketers can also use these insights to compare user groups. For example, they can see how their followers’ engagement activity compares to that of Twitter’s audience.



To find out more about audience insights, read the announcement published on the Twitter blog.

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