“What’s Your Story?” Wise Words on the Power of Being Personal

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“What’s Your Story?” Wise Words on the Power of Being Personal

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Every so often we discover a really great article; one that makes us think “Yes, absolutely.” What’s Your Story by Rich Schlentz, is a perfect example, as it highlights why storytelling is so important for any brand looking to connect with its customer base. Here are a few quotes that we think are particularly pertinent.

“We learned where they grew up, their personal values, and how they intended to keep their company aligned with those values.”

Here the writer is talking about how a visit to the Ben & Jerry’s plant brought him closer to the brand; and he hits a key point right on the head. Expressing values is a key way of illustrating what your company believes in, and as such building relationships with customers. On your main communication channels – especially social media – you should communicate about the ideas you believe in; as this will help you stand apart and develop a distinguished brand identity.

“Since business is about people and relationships, I felt connected to their product”

As humans we identify with individual people, not corporations. And as Rich Schlentz’s experience highlights, telling a story about the people who make up a company allows customers to better connect with that company, its products and services. This is because focusing on individuals allows you to present your company in a human, relatable context; one that provides insights into the people who make the company tick.



“Your common, everyday story will end up inspiring others to be loyal followers because they’ll understand where you’ve come from, who you are, and where you’re headed.”

This is a great point because it highlights the importance of connecting with customers in order to engage them in your brand’s journey. Your company is no closed book; it’s open-ended, forever developing. Telling the story of how you have got to where you are today (and of course, incorporating values and people into that story); is therefore an incredibly effective way of involving customers in your brand’s development as it moves forward.

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