EDF Case Study

EDF engages employees in the fight against Climate Change with Employee Advocacy!

The group wished to position itself as a leader in ecological transition and involve its employees and customers in helping the environment.

So in July, 2020, they created the “EDF Social Club,” with the objective of gathering around common goals and creating a community united around a sustainable future. ?

With Sociabble, members can easily share daily content on social media highlighting EDF’s concrete actions throughout the territory.

In a few figures, the EDF Social Club has already:

✔ Recruited more than 1,000 members in just four months
✔ Reached more than 5.8 million people
✔ Shared 7,000 pieces of content by the community!
Please note that this presentation is in French. For further information on employee advocacy and highlighting corporate communications in English, please contact us directly here. 

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