Scala chooses Sociabble and boosts website traffic


Boosting website traffic with Sociabble

Launching a Digital Amplification Program

In order to boost partners’ digital transformation, Microsoft France teamed up with Sociabble to launch the “Partner Digital Amplification” program. The project saw eight Microsoft partners be selected for a four-month pilot of the Sociabble employee advocacy platform, a highly visual content aggregation tool that engages employees in social media communication.

For Scala, one of the selected Microsoft partners, Sociabble presented the opportunity to maximize the visibility of content by empowering employees on social media and transforming them into true brand advocates. The platform’s intuitive interface allows employees to share content on social networks with friends, family and followers in just a matter of clicks, thus amplifying the reach of brand messages.

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Scala was particularly taken by the gamification features offered by Sociabble and, over the course of the pilot, launched two challenges in order to encourage employees not just to share, but also to create content (employees who submitted an article that was published on the Scala blog received 200 bonus points).

The initiative was a great success and generated incredible engagement, with the activity rate reaching 94% just one month after the platform was launched. Today, more than three months since the pilot began, 66% of Scala employees are connected and 60% of them are active on the platform. Scala now wishes to continue working with Sociabble, in order to engage employees in the long term.

“We have launched Sociabble for all of our employees, a total of 150 people,” explains Benoit Mauran, President of Scala. “Half of the organization signed up incredibly quickly, which had an immediate effect on the diffusion of brand messages on social media.

“As part of the launch, we encouraged employees to sign up to the platform through a challenge, which was a huge success. Sharing activity really took off, and while there wasn’t a massive change in global engagement, our brand exposure on social media was multiplied by anything from two to 10 times depending on the day and the messages being shared. The most immediate, measurable impact was website traffic, which increased by 30% globally, and the portion of traffic coming from social media, which rose by 90%.”

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