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Also known as R&D, the Tech Team is responsible for the design, development, and innovation of the Sociabble platform.

They trust us:

Allianz France
Renault Group

Tech Team:

Our Research & Development Team's main mission is to develop new features for the Sociabble platform and ensure its smooth operation.

Two Specialized Teams

Technical consultants: Their mission is to support customers, including CIOs, in implementing the Sociabble platform within their companies.

Web developers and Mobile developers: Their tasks include creating and designing new functionalities, guaranteeing platform maintenance, and carrying out constant technological monitoring to keep the product at the cutting edge of technology. The team currently includes over 20 people.

Why join Sociabble's R&D department?

To evolve in a full Cloud and full Microsoft Azure environment.

To learn and grow while working on a large-scale project with rich, complex functionalities.

Because tech is a key element for the team, and we’re always on the lookout for up-to-date and innovative methods: CI/CD, CQRS, real-time, Big Data, Serverless, Cloud, etc.

Because we won’t leave you out in the cold when you arrive. You will be assigned an experienced product consultant, and they will be responsible for your training and integration into the group.

And above all, because you will be joining an experienced and friendly team that wants to see you succeed!

Meet Stephane, CTO


” The most motivating aspect of working for Sociabble is the challenges that it presents. The functional and technical richness of the platform pushes us to systematically propose innovative solutions. 

We’re in a business that evolves daily. And every day, technology has something new to offer. To ensure that we enjoy working on the product, we have to keep up with all of these developments.

This spirit of constant discovery and learning is expressed through internal training events, but above all, it manifests itself daily in the collective efforts of our motivated and dynamic team! “

Technologies and tools.

Our R&D team uses the most reliable and proven techniques, in accordance with established standards.

Back End

Azure SQL Database

Front End

JavaScript / Vue.js


Azure Devops


Azure Cosmos DB

A quick and efficient integration process.

It starts with a first interview with an HR manager. This is our opportunity to get to know you and learn more about your experiences and aspirations.

In a second step, an interview with Stéphane, Sociabble’s CTO, is organized to discuss technical and specific questions about your future position (we mainly check that the basics are there, so don’t panic!)

And that’s all!

We are hiring!

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We are hiring in Sales, Marketing, Product, Operations & Customer Success.