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Mobile App

Reach all your employees thanks to a mobile app developed in the colors of your company which will strengthen the feeling of belonging of your employees and facilitate the dissemination of your internal messages, notably using push notifications.

Content Curation

Our curation offering allows you to integrate into your platform the most relevant content concerning your business sector. Market news, competitive reviews, everything is there.

Newsletter Engine

Sociabble comes natively with an advanced newsletter engine. You can easily create automated or manual newsletters and distribute them to specific audiences. You have access to all the opening and consultation data essential for monitoring the performance of your communication.

Live Streaming

With Sociabble, just a few clicks are enough to schedule and promote a Live event. Each manager can organize the event on their own scale and at their own pace, which will reassure, motivate, and maintain the link between distant employees.

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Customer :Coca Cola
Customer :Freshwork
Customer :Vinci Energies
Customer :Tata Consultancy Services
Customer :La Redoute
Customer :Groupe L’Occitane
Customer :Groupe Renault
Customer :Roche
Customer :Groupama
Customer :Microsoft
Customer :Finastra
Customer :ExterionMedia
Customer :Adecco Group France
Customer :BNP Paribas
Customer :L’Oréal
Customer :Edenred
Customer :Allianz