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How can Employee Advocacy Help You ?

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With rising paid media costs, limited organic reach, and increased skepticism in regard to brand advertising, it’s incredibly difficult for marketers to increase brand awareness and truly engage target audiences. Here’s how the Sociabble employee advocacy platform addresses these challenges head-on, allowing you to boost visibility, employee engagement, and lead generation!

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Boost organic reach while keeping control

  • Give your employees the ability to share company-approved content across their social media networks with ease.
  • Ensure every employee is on-message by managing your social media policy with suggested share text and compliance controls
  • If your company has 100 employee advocates, with just 10 shares a month, you’ve already created 500,00 touchpoints.
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Strong employer brand image

Create a strong employer brand

  • Keep your entire workforce informed and engaged with mobile optmised, personlised content that fosters richer connections between employees and your organisation.
  • Build trust and transparancy with authentic communication from your executive team.
  • Ensure visibility into relevant announcements around corporate initiatives.
  • “Brand messages reach 561% further when share by employees vs. the same message being shared by the brand’s social channel.”
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“Sociabble happened to be the most adapted platform, and the platform that offered the most advanced gamification. It was important to engage our employees in this way.”
Stéphanie Cagnieul-Remon, Senior Manager group Corporate Communications at BNP Paribas Personal Finance

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Grow your business with social selling

Grow your business with social selling

  • Leverage employee sharing to drive leads and greater return on ad spend through social selling.
  • Effectively measure results with UTM tracking and attibute success back to your most engaged employees.
  • With real-time updates and information that keeps them updated, employees have tools that they need to be successful on social.
  • “Just 1 person who shares your message can result in more click-through activity than if your company adds 100 followers.
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Sociabble : Key Features

  • Automated content aggregation of brand social networks accounts, RSS feeds, third-party content
  • Interactive content: quizzes, polls, etc.
  • Curation tool integrations (Feedly, Scoop.it, Sind-Up)
  • User bookmarks
  • Admin and user generated content (text, pictures, video, polls, etc.)
  • Content keywords filtering and Geo-targeting
  • Content planning and sharing
  • Native support of audio/video players and live-streaming scenarios
  • Employee directory
  • Advanced employee advocacy features (one-click sharing, post scheduling, lead tracking, etc.)
  • Optional compliance & security rules
  • Content and comment moderation with AI support
  • Internal & external content management
  • Advanced Gamification framework: leaderboards, campaigns, challenges & badges
  • Rewards management (budget, attribution)
  • CSR reward approach with Trees
  • Mobile notifications, calls-to-action & automated personalized newsletters
  • Native app for Android and iOS, web app for desktop usage
  • Ease of connection for frontline workers
  • Advanced search engine
  • Single sign-on (SSO) & active directory integration
  • Auto-translation & multiple language management
  • Cross organisation content management (global & local content, content copy/paste & suggestion inter organisation)
  • Hierarchical user group management (user, content & newsletter segmentation)
  • Multi-country/multi-subsidiary scenario support
  • Multiple time zone management
  • Customizable interface
  • Dedicated branded mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Bots for Workplace by Facebook, Slack, Yammer, Teams, etc.
  • Enterprise tool integrations, including Office365
  • Website and intranet integration with iFrame Widget
  • TV and website integration with Social Wall
  • Engagement and content performance analytics, paid media analytics
  • Personal performance dashboards
  • Group Segmentation analytics
  • Personal performance dashboards
  • Customer success accompaniment
  • Guided tours
  • See how employee advocacy makes it easy to boost your social reach !

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