Change Management & The Kotter Method: A New Approach for Getting Everyone On Board with Smart Communication

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Change can be daunting. And even with a strategy in place, and guides like the Kotter Method ready to lead them, many companies ultimately still fall short of their change-based goals—especially when it comes to communicating with employees. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By creating segmented personas and engaging narrative arcs, combined with effective and concrete digital tools, change management takes on a whole new power. This white paper explains the mistakes companies make, and lays out a roadmap for using communication to empower change.

What you will learn

✔ The reasons many change management initiatives often fall short
✔ How to create narrative arcs and storylines to communicate your vision
✔ How identifying employee personas can aid in communication
✔ The importance of creating a guiding coalition of leaders


Pub - Change Management & The Kotter Method

Customer :Coca Cola
Customer :Freshwork
Customer :Vinci Energies
Customer :Tata Consultancy Services
Customer :La Redoute
Customer :Groupe L’Occitane
Customer :Groupe Renault
Customer :Roche
Customer :Groupama
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