Sociabble White Paper : The Employee Advocacy Program

White Paper : The Employee Advocacy Program

In this white paper, discover how companies such as Microsoft have successfully launched employee advocacy programs.

Employee Advocacy: The New Frontier in Social Media Communication

Acquiring a competitive edge on social media is becoming increasingly complex. In this white paper, discover:

  • How to increase your share of the voice and boost contact with target audiences
  • Why it is essential to engage all departments in content marketing activity
  • Concrete case studies on successful employee advocacy programs
  • Sociabble: A single tool that allows you to orchestrate a comprehensive employee advocacy program


Employee advocacy is an incredibly powerful way of showcasing rich content and reaching target audiences. In this white paper, we discuss it in terms of concrete KPIs and ROI metrics, both qualitative and quantitative, and present examples of successful employee advocacy programs.

We put forward a step-by-step guide on how to launch, moderate and track an employee advocacy program, and introduce Sociabble: a comprehensive platform that enables you to orchestrate employee advocacy, which has been deployed in several countries by Microsoft.

Want to discover how to empower your brand through the voice of your employees?

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