Sociabble for Social Selling

Social media has become a key communication channel for sales professionals. In order to master Social Selling, sales teams need easy access to timely, relevant content they know is approved by their company.

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Sociabble for Social Selling

Facilitate, scale, and measure Social Selling success

Sociabble’s Social Selling platform facilitates sales teams’ access to pertinent, ready-to-share content, empowering them to build an image of expertise, engage prospects, and generate business opportunities on social media.

Complete with lead tracking, market watch channels, and personal performance dashboards, Sociabble makes it easy for sales teams to track and optimize the success of their Social Selling activity.

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Facilitate, scale, and measure social selling success

Tools for Social Selling


Aggregate Sales Enablement Content

Sociabble’s themed channel structure allows you to organize brand, third-party, and user-generated content (UGC) according to Social Selling topics such as brand discovery, client testimonials, and deal status.

Create insight-only market watch channels to keep your teams up to date with industry and competitor activity.

INFLUENCE WITH EXPERTISE - Aggregate Sales Enablement Content


User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is a crucial element of any Social Selling program, which is why Sociabble enables individual social sellers to import links from the web and create posts from scratch.

This is a great way for teams to share insights and expertise, with UGC being moderated by administrators.

AUTHENTICITY IS KEY - User-generated content


Stimulate Competition

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, which is why gamification is a strong element of the Sociabble Social Selling platform.

Launch campaigns, challenges, quizzes, and polls, award badges for specific achievements and use newsletters and notifications to keep everyone up to date.

AUTHENTICITY IS KEY - User-generated content


Track Lead Generation

Sociabble’s lead tracking features enable you to identify the leads generated by sharing activity carried out on the platform, as well as the user and content at the origin of each lead.

EXACT ROI FOR YOUR EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY PROGRAM - Measurement, Retargeting & Lead Generation


Measure Performance

No Social Selling program is complete without measurable KPIs. Social sellers on Sociabble have access to a personal dashboard complete with activity log and social media engagement metrics.

Administrators can track individual and team performance via designated dashboards and measure your Social Selling ROI.

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT - Measure Performance


Enterprise Capabilities

Available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, Sociabble is designed for users on the move.

In addition to Single Sign-On (SSO) and active directory capabilities, integrations with Office 365 and Salesforce eliminate software adoption challenges while preserving enterprise security.

MOBILE FIRST - Streamline the User Journey

White Paper: Social Selling made simple

Social media has transformed the way sales teams prospect, nurture leads, and close deals.

But the challenge for many companies is that they don’t fully realize what is required to implement a successful Social Selling program at scale.

In this white paper, discover how to implement a winning Social Selling strategy.

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White Paper: Social Selling at Scale

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