Sociabble Trees: Reward employees' actions by planting actual trees.

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1 Action Accomplished = 1 Tree Planted

Sociabble Trees allows you to reward the actions of your employees both big and small, online or offline, every single day.
With its innovative platform, you can decide to offer a tree to all participants at an internal conference, offer 5 trees to your best social media ambassador, or even offer 10 trees to celebrate an employee’s anniversary at the company.

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3 good reasons to plant trees with your employees

The implementation of Sociabble Trees is quick and easy. You set a budget for planting trees, and then you decide, in just a few clicks, the rules for offering trees as a reward for your employees.

Each tree has a unique ID that is easily shared by the employees. Employees can consult their digital forest, and that of their company, at any time.

Employees are well-aware that trees are one of the major solutions for dealing with global warming. Participating in planting trees is a positive step that everyone can be proud of.

Plant your company forest together with your employees

In collaboration with its partners, Sociabble offers participation in more than 60 reforestation projects around the world, as well as a choice of tree species to plant according to local conditions.
News and updates regarding the project’s progress are regularly sent to your Sociabble platform.

Sociabble offers this service for non-profit purposes.

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Plant your company forest together with your employees


For each virtual tree given to an employee, a real tree is planted in an actual forest

All employees are able to see the number of trees planted by each individual, the C02 impact, as well as the different species of trees.


The planted trees are visible online in the virtual forest of the company and the employee

Each forest has a unique, public, and shareable URL that makes it easy to show to others online. Employees are able to respond to the planting of trees with likes and comments.

“Plant a Tree. Grow Together.”

Planting trees is a sustainable and meaningful way to reward engagement.

Start planting your own company forest today!

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