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Roche Laboratories

How to Engage Your Employees on Social Media


Since it’s founding in 1896, in Basel, Switzerland, Roche has been committed to improving lives through innovative medical and diagnostic technology. Today, it is the world’s largest biotech company, with over 90,000 employees working together across more than 100 countries.

In this Webinar Join Sociabble and Roche as they come together to discuss how to tap into the incredible reach of your employees, build your brand image, and boost internal communication, all while keeping on message.

Key Points

  • Launching a sustainable employee advocacy program
  • Dealing with compliance regulations
  • Engaging top management
  • How to manage content
  • Tips and tricks on how to boost employee engagement
  • The direct and indirect benefits of employee advocacy
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Please note that this webinar is in French. For more details on the Roche program, or for further information on employee advocacy and highlighting corporate communications in English, please contact us directly here.

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