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Employee Comms Made Easy for All

Beyond generative AI, our platform aims to fulfill all aspects of employee comms needs.

Secure & Private

Sociabble Ask AI meets large company needs in terms of security, data privacy, compliance and control.


All employees can enhance productivity without becoming prompt experts.


Ask AI takes into account your company's values, tone of voice, strategy, templates, etc.
AI Companion

Your everyday smart companion

Ask AI makes every day effortless for both communicators and employees.
AI features

Internal News

With Ask AI, communicators can effortlessly craft important announcements with just a few prompts.

Shareable Content

With a simple link, communicators can generate social media descriptions in seconds. Additionally, employees can create their own posts with the help of AI.

Direct Prompt

Need ideas? Ask AI allows you to engage in direct chat for brainstorming, content editing, and more.

AI Templates

Streamline content creation for events, onboarding, and more with a simple form fill.
Productivity booster

Making every step effortless

Ask AI is here to lift the weight off every burden of your day in seconds. Starting with routine tasks.

Hold the keys to control

With Sociabble Ask AI, your data is fully protected and leveraged for consistent outcomes across your organization.

Security & Privacy

Sociabble is a Microsoft certified gold partner. Ask AI capitalizes on the robust security provided by Microsoft’s responsible AI framework.

Your data remains fully protected and confidential, with no sharing or usage for training models.

Consistency at Scale

Tailor all Ask AI results to match with your company unique context & tone at a global level.

The complexity of prompts is managed behind the scenes under your control.

Social media sharing made simple

Say goodbye to endless brainstorming for social media descriptions.

Sociabble Ask AI empowers employees to craft impactful posts in a matter of seconds.

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