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An impactful way to reward employees.

Sociabble Trees: Reforest the World & Grow Engagement


The implementation of Sociabble Trees is quick and easy. You set a budget for planting trees, and then you decide, in just a few clicks, the rules for offering trees as a reward for your employees.


Each tree has a unique ID that is easily shared by the employees. Employees can consult their digital forest, and that of their company, at any time.


Employees are well-aware that trees are one of the major solutions for dealing with global warming. Participating in planting trees is a positive step that everyone can be proud of.

Celebrate daily actions with trees.

Sociabble Trees allows you to reward the actions of your employees both big and small, online or offline, every single day. Trees can be offered manually or automatically, directly from the Sociabble platform. 

For instance, you can decide to offer a tree to all participants at an internal conference, offer 5 trees to your best social media ambassador, or even offer 10 trees to celebrate an employee’s anniversary at the company.

A growing forest of 115,000 trees.

Since its inception, Sociabble Trees has contributed to planting 115,000 trees across the world, thanks to our CSR partners and committed customers.

Join leaders who engage employees with trees.

Sociabble Trees has helped us achieve two objectives: employee engagement and sustainability, both of which are extremely important to the TATA group.

Reena Wahi Senior Vice President of HR, CSR and Business Excellence at Tata Realty

Sidetrade staff are always up for a challenge. And when the challenge is reforestation, it’s especially meaningful. Sidetraders are proud to support Tree-Nation.

In just a few clicks, employees can win and plant a tree. It’s something much more meaningful than winning an iPad.

Geoffroy De La Grandière Director at Ardian Growth


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