Life at Sociabble

A Professional Journey That Becomes an Adventure

Working at Sociabble means joining a team that gives as much importance to work as to the moments shared outside of it.


Staying Connected and Sharing with the Team

We develop the potential of each individual by offering the very best in working conditions.
In Addition, You Will Get:
  • 50% reimbursement of transportation costs 
  • Meal ticket card 
  • Health Insurance covered at 50%
  • A dynamic CSE  
  • Help in finding a place to live if you are moving from far away with our partner “En galère d’appart” 
Becoming a Sociabbler

Onboarding & Getting Started

Each new employee benefits from a personalized onboarding according to his/her department and objectives. For 2 to 4 weeks, the onboarding mixes e-learning courses and 1on1.  

The objective: to start the Sociabble adventure as quickly as possible and under the best conditions! 

Internal training currently includes:  

  • Over 100 courses (sales pitch, product, Customer Success methodology, etc.) 
  • 539 educational videos  
  • 76 quizzes and tests 
  • 10 instructors available to answer questions

Routines & Events

Routines and team events are a cornerstone of our corporate culture and are part of Sociabble's daily activity. Among the regular events, you will find The Town Hall, Morning Synchro, Friday Training, Live Coffee, Workshop, Winsfest!

A 15-minute morning meeting with your team. This time facilitates sharing and provides a good dose of energy to start the day!  

A bi-monthly meeting with all the teams. The Town Hall is hosted by the CEO who answers questions from employees, presents key market and company news, strategic directions, financial developments, etc.  

Organized every quarter, the Winsfest is a celebration of recent successes. Each department presents its latest achievements and learnings to the whole company. 

Weekly training on our platform, led by the product team. It’s an opportunity to discover new features or to review your mastery of the platform! 

The “live coffee” is an informal online moment to welcome and get to know the newcomers. Coffee, tea, mate, plain water… everyone participates with his or her drink!  

Creative and training workshop organized within each department on a monthly basis. In Sales, it can take the form of a pitch competition. In Marketing, it can be a benchmark session on social media, websites, SEO, etc.  

More informal, these events bring teams together at the end of the day. Karaoke, bar nights, escape games, orienteering races, cooking sessions… You will find many creative formats, imagined by Sociabble’s events team! 

Global Week

Our Annual All-together Seminar

The “Global Week” is a unique opportunity to meet with all of our US, French, and APAC teams

It is usually organized in the South of France, on the sea or in the mountains.  

The program includes:  sports and team building activities such as skiing, windsurfing, hiking, biking, catamaran, Olympics, happy hours, costume parties, and more! 

The Sociabble application is used throughout the seminar to keep the participants informed, guide challenges, etc.  

This event has a special meaning for Sociabblers. Financed by our own profits, it is the fruit of everyone’s daily work.   

Global Week is the celebration of a collective victory! 

We are hiring!

Ready to start the adventure?

We are hiring in Sales, Marketing, Product, Operations & Customer Success.