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Make videos engaging & easy-to-watch.​

Our platform meets all the requirements related to the creation of corporate videos.
Enterprise video

Video Chapters

Create chapters to segment your video and help users navigate and find information easily.

Mini Player

Use the mini player to let users watch or listen to a video while continuing to work on their daily tasks.

Video Speed

Use video speed to slow down or accelerate the pace of the video.

Adaptative streaming

The videos adapt based on bandwidth, screen size, devices used, etc.

Revolutionize video access and searchability.

Find instantly, summarize automatically, and track the statistics of your videos with Sociabble.

Smart video search

Instantly find and retrieve videos based on searchable transcripts and queries.

AI Summary and Subtitles

Instantly summarize videos with AI-powered efficiency. Enhance accessibility with multilingual subtitles.

Must Watch

Force playback of your mandatory training & compliance videos.
Know more about the Must-Watch

Promote employee video contributions.

Increase the Level of Engagement
Encourage peer-to-peer and best practice sharing.

Strengthen Frontline Workforce
Encourage the flow of information coming from the field.

Empower Managers and Executives
Use user-generated video for briefings, updates, new procedures, feedback, etc.


Get the smoothest admin experience.

All Your Videos in One Place

Keep all your content under the same roof. Reduce the number of tools.

Admin Studio

Videos are directly uploaded via a document repository or devices. Admin can edit (chapter, transcript, etc.) directly in the admin studio.

Easy Admin Management

Control who is watching the video with roles and permissions.

Upload and Encoding Options

Pick from among 3 encoding options to define the speed of video availability.

Choose security and compliance

With Sociabble, your data is fully protected for safe use and sharing within your organization.
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