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Content sharing

Amplify your marketing initiatives.

Give every single employee a voice while boosting your social media reach thanks to Sociabble’s employe advocacy platform.
Lead generation

Drive more business and attract top talent.

Amplify reach, drive website traffic, achieve 7x lead conversion, and enhance employer branding through employee advocacy.

Boost Website Traffic

60 employees can increase your company’s reach by 1,000%. With Sociabble’s employee advocacy platform, you can measure the traffic generated by employees and integrate it with your analytics tool.

Generate Qualified Leads

Leads developed through employee advocacy convert  7x more frequently than other leads. You can track leads generated by the shares and identify the best ambassadors.

Attract Top Talent

Develop employer branding and save on job post promotion and paid media recruitment efforts by empowering employees as brand ambassador on social media.
Social media management

Automate and unify social media actions.

Create, unify, and schedule your external communication, all with a single employee advocacy platform.
For Employee Advocacy

Create & Share

Create native content from scratch or content pre-approved by admins from Sociabble and fast-track the creation process by sharing quality content prepared by the company.
Content Creation

Unify Employee Voices

Share authentic content and ideas from employees. Avoid resharing mass-produced content with a solution that everyone can adopt to share content.

Schedule & Target

Schedule native content publication on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook company pages and use targeting options exactly like on your company accounts.


Collaborate with your colleagues thanks to the agenda view and see what they have scheduled and posted to synchronize efforts and avoid repetition.
Data analytics

Make data-driven decisions.

Integrate your employee advocacy initiatives into your marketing strategy and measure the impact.
For Employee Advocacy

Save Paid Media Costs

Enter your cost per click charges and automatically calculate the total amount you would have spent to achieve the same results without employee advocacy.

Analyze Your Content

Get insights on content performance. Reach, clicks, traffic or leads generated, you have all the metrics on hand to create a successful content strategy.

Identify Top Performers

Add UTM tags and see which individual or team brings you the most leads. You can also incentivize your sellers to take part in your employee advocacy program.

Nurture Your Leads

Track points of contact generated by shared content adapted to the level of maturity of your prospect and see the lead evolution until conversion.
Engagement framework

Mobilize your workforce to drive business.

Engage and reward your employees thanks to a gamification and an employee recognition system.
Thought leadership

Transform your executives into thought leaders on social media.

Optimize executives' time by delegating content creation, set a positive example for employee advocacy, and fuel executive social growth for effective networking.

Save Executives Time

Delegate the executives' internal content creation and external publication on social networks to designated employees within the organization. Make social media sharing totally painless.

Set the Right Example

Get buy-in for the employee advocacy program by setting the right example internally with top management, and generate enthusiasm around sharing on social networks with your employees.

Develop Executive Network

Fueling executive social growth with regular posting will help unleash the power of social media networking. Build relationships and connect with other business leaders, future hires, prospects, etc.

Give easy access to an approved media library.

Streamline content production with smart asset management across your employee advocacy platform.

Multichannel Communication
Organize Your Content

Archive and store pre-approved content in a media library. This will be effective in ensuring the quality of the content posted by end-users. Sociabble uses AI to automatically tag and organize uploaded photos.

Make It Accessible

Give access to your deskless workers, who don’t have Microsoft Office or Google licenses, to an easy-to-use and secure media library synchronized with your global document repository.


Definitely! Sociabble prioritizes a mobile-first, engaging, and visually appealing communication experience.

Our modern interface avoids mimicking traditional enterprise layouts and instead embraces a more dynamic, social-media-like experience. Available natively on iOS, Android, and Huawei, our mobile app provides easy access to content anytime, anywhere, even offline, thanks to low bandwidth management.

The app offers complete end-user functionalities along with certain administrative features, with regular updates to keep things fresh. Plus, it can be fully rebranded for your company. User-friendly and intuitive, Sociabble makes mobile communication a breeze!

Absolutely, Sociabble allows the creation and management of numerous groups or channels.

This feature aids in organizing content, users, and activities based on chosen criteria like themes, departments, or regions.

You have control over access permissionscontent management, and performance monitoring for each group, ensuring optimized engagement.

Sociabble offers customizable survey and poll tools for swift and efficient collection of employee feedback.

Real-time analytics enable trend identification for immediate action. By fostering active listening, we empower your team and boost satisfaction.

Schedule your demo

Want to see Sociabble in action?

Our experts will answer your questions and guide you through a platform demo.

Schedule your demo

Want to see Sociabble in action?

Our experts will answer your questions and guide you through a platform demo.