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The Next-Generation Intranet

Modern Intranet


Discover a modern, easy-to-deploy intranet solution with essential features like a news center, app store, and document repository.

Anywhere, Anytime

Expand your intranet beyond the office with mobile apps, Teams integration, and screen displays, all controlled from one platform.

Dynamic Content

Keep content fresh with engaging photos, videos, and audio. Create interaction with surveys and quizzes. Aggregate social media feeds.

Targeted Communication

Deliver tailored content to segmented audiences, highlight critical information, and use analytics to track engagement.

A Complete Intranet for Your Digital Workplace

Digital workplace Integration

Sociabble integrations

AI-powered content features

AI features

Built-in engagement tools

Engagement & Reward

Media-friendly modern UX

Easy setup and management

Connect Every Employee, Everywhere

Modern Intranet

Web Experience

Boost engagement with a sleek web interface that highlights multimedia content and reflects your brand, saving on development costs.

Deskless Reach

Expand reach with mobile app notifications and digital displays, ensuring all employees, including those without desks, receive critical updates.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Embed your intranet directly into Microsoft Teams, allowing seamless content sharing and collaboration directly through Teams channels.
Microsoft 365

Targeted Email Newsletters

Engage with targeted newsletters crafted from intranet content, keeping employees connected via their email inboxes.

Centralize Your Company Apps

  • Instant Access for Everyone

    Provide employees immediate one-click access to essential company apps from their mobile devices or desktops.
  • App Store Layouts

    Select from multiple ready-to-use layouts that best present your apps.
  • Personalized App Selection

    Adapt the available app selections to match each stage of an employee’s onboarding and development journey.

Break Silos with a Dynamic People Directory

  • Unified and Searchable Directory

    Consolidate all employees, both office-based and deskless, into a single, engaging, and searchable directory.
  • Tailored Visibility

    Customize the visibility of directory entries to suit different company audiences.
  • Personalized Employee Profiles

    Enable employees to enrich their profiles with personal feeds that highlight their activities, achievements, and recognitions.

Mobile-First Multimedia Document Library

  • Universal and Secure Access

    Provide all employees, including deskless workers without MS365 licenses, secure access to a personalized document library from both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Integration with SharePoint

    Sync documents from SharePoint to your media drive or enable direct access to SharePoint directories via the Sociabble app.
  • Multimedia Content with AI Enhancement

    Offer easy access to diverse media types like photos, audio, and videos in various layouts, enriched with AI-driven features such as editable image tagging and automated subtitling.

Create Personalized Employee Journeys

  • Audience Builder

    Create tailored groups based on departments, locations, projects, and more to personalize the employee experience with targeted content, notifications, newsletters, and app-specific access.
  • Curated Content Preferences

    Allow employees to select their topics of interest from a custom-tailored list, including mandatory topics.
  • Automated Milestone Journeys

    Automate the delivery of content, apps, and surveys that align with each employee's milestones.
  • Multilingual and Editable Translations

    Support multilingual content with editable translations and custom dictionaries. Adapt automatically the content to the language preferences of each employee.

Search Across Your Entire Digital Workspace

Leverage a fast, AI-enhanced search engine that navigates across Sociabble and extends to key Office 365 applications including Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Secure Integration with Your Entire Digital Workplace


Implement Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for secure, easy access for all employees, including deskless workers.

Platform Integration

Enhance productivity with deep integrations across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Access thousands of apps through advanced automation tools like Power Automate and Zapier.

Data Protection and ISO 27001

Sociabble is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant in Europe, CCPA compliant in California, and DPDP compliant in India, all backed by high availability infrastructure.

Scalable Administration and Governance

Delegate administration rights efficiently, limiting action scopes to specific audiences for nuanced governance tailored to your organizational needs.

Comprehensive Analytics for Your Intranet

Gain deep insights into your intranet's effectiveness with extensive analytics.
Modern Intranet

Engagement Metrics

Track key metrics such as document open rates, content views, comments, and device usage across various formats to pinpoint top-performing assets and identify key contributors.

Multimedia and App Analytics

Extend analytics beyond traditional content to include detailed insights on video engagement and app usage.

Campaign Reach

Assess the reach and impact of your distributed content across different audiences, channels, and platforms to evaluate brand visibility and audience engagement.