Customer success

You need more than just a tool. You need people who can help you. Customer-oriented and content-oriented consultants working closely with IT-focused consultants. That is what we provide, all over the world. Because you also need motivated individuals, who are committed to supporting your project.

A lifecycle program.

The Sociabble approach to customer success and strategy.

Our customer success teams guide our clients throughout their platform journey, from pre-launch to milestone celebrations. As pioneers and thought leaders in this space, we are poised to advise, guide, and realize success and growth for your company, not just through our platform but through a new growth ecosystem.

Productivity for your entire business.


During this initial phase, your business needs, platform requirements, and technical specifications are evaluated through our “Needs Assessment” session. Our CSM team then strategizes your “Steps2Success” (S2S), including channels, content sources, gamification, & communication planning.

Setup and Configuration

During this technical phase, the CSM team will determine, configure, activate, & test your Sociabble platform.


During the preparation phase, the CSM team implements your “S2S” with recommendations, documents, resources, FAQs, & technical support access. Administrators also receive training with live sessions and quick support reference materials.


During this activation phase, the CSM team educates your users on how to grow their engagement & success with training sessions, videos, and 24/7 accessible training materials. Throughout this phase, you can evaluate adjustments to channels, content, engagement, and sharing.


During this ongoing phase, we share best practices, release notes, and hold optimization meetings to analyze and recommend content, as well as user engagement initiatives so that your program can continue to grow.


We guide our clients along the success journey.

1/ Strategy & Planning
2/ Communication Planning (admin, & user)
3/ Technical Configuration & Deployment
4/ Training
5/ Technical Support
6/ Analysis (KPIs & industry benchmarks)
7/ Recommendations
8/ 24/7 Resource Center
9/ Best Practices & Release Notes
10/ Thought Leadership (webinars, conferences & papers)


Certainly! Sociabble is user-friendly and comes with robust support and training. Included are on-demand FAQs, tutorials, and platform tours in both English and French.

A video tour is available as an add-on, and our S.B. Heroes platform provides additional resources. Moreover, you’ll have dedicated account managers and IT consultants at your disposal, ready to assist with goal setting, technical queries, and custom onboarding.

Rest assured, our functional and technical support teams are always ready to assist you in both English and French.

Sociabble offers customizable survey and poll tools for swift and efficient collection of employee feedback.

Real-time analytics enable trend identification for immediate action. By fostering active listening, we empower your team and boost satisfaction.

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