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Make Advocacy Accessible to All

Advocacy Features

All Content in One Place

Merge admin-curated, user-generated content and social media feeds in an intuitive interface.
Multichannel Communication

One-Click Sharing & Scheduling

With just a click, employees can share or schedule content, supported by AI for optimal engagement.

Insightful Analytics

Quickly identify high-performing content and key advocates with our detailed analytics.

Maximize LinkedIn's Potential

Benefit from our official LinkedIn partnership, ensuring full policy compliance and API access.
Advocacy Features

Native Multimedia Sharing

Share texts, PDFs, and videos as native LinkedIn content directly via Sociabble.

Post Engagement Boost

Reshare, like and comment on company Linkedin posts directly through Sociabble to amplify engagement.

Executive Social Visibility

Executives can effortlessly boost their LinkedIn visibility by sharing posts via Sociabble.
Trusted delegates can also share on their behalf.

Performance Insights

Access LinkedIn metrics, filter by audience, topics, and more. Track network growth and clicks generated to optimize content strategies.

Simplify Content Sharing with Ask AI

Keep Ambassadors Engaged Over Time

Manage Company Pages with Ease

Publishing Calendar

Facilitate social media management for company pages with our user-friendly publishing calendar, designed for non-experts.

Ready-to-Share Content

Equip company page managers with pre-made, adaptable content for seamless integration into their social media calendars.
Content Creation

Measure the Impact of Advocacy

Access detailed insights into your employee advocacy campaigns with targeted analytics.
Advocacy Features

Engagement Metrics

Track generated clicks, likes, shares, comments, and more, to identify top-performing content and key advocates.

Campaign Reach

Monitor the effectiveness of your content distribution across audiences, channels and social networks. Gauge brand visibility and audience penetration.

ROI Evaluation

Compare organic engagement against the equivalent cost of paid advertising to understand your advocacy program's value.