Elevate your employee communications with Microsoft 365 and Sociabble.

Reach everyone with engaging content on their preferred channels: Teams, Sharepoint, Viva, Outlook. Give your frontline workers access to Microsoft 365 content.

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Give your content the visibility it deserves.

Promote your important messages on Microsoft 365.

Make sure the key corporate information produced by the head office is effectively seen by your employees.
Sociabble, a Microsoft Gold Partner.

“Sociabble technology, fully scalable because it’s built with Microsoft technology, meets the needs of large accounts and guarantees consistent and fluid internal communication.”


Director of Independant Software Vendors & Startups

Reconnect your frontline workers with your office staff.

Your deskless workers can be part of the game, even if they don't have an Office 365 license.
Microsoft 365

Distribute SharePoint Documents, Photos, Videos

Make your SharePoint documents available in Media Drive, Sociabble's mobile-first document repository. Easily manage folder and document permissions.

Authentication For Everyone

Complement Microsoft 365 SSO with authentication tailored for deskless workers without a work email address.

Keep Your Office Staff Up to Date with Content from the Field

Your deskless workers can take pictures and videos that are instantly available to your office staff.

Enable Chat Conversations Across Your Entire Workforce

Secure, data privacy compliant, easy and fun, our chat is the alternative to WhatsApp you’ve been looking for. Office workers and deskless workers can easily connect with each other. Manage chat onboarding and offboarding at scale.

Harness the power of the Microsoft Azure platform with a certified gold partner.

Sociabble gives you access to all the advanced features of Microsoft Azure.
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