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Capture, Engage, and Reward

Engagement & Reward

Capture Attention

Boost engagement with mobile alerts, newsletters, and must-read content designed to capture employees' attention.

Encourage Participation

Empower employees to share feedback and engage creatively via surveys, quizzes, and user-generated content.

Reward Engagement

Celebrate employee participation with top-down badges, peer recognition, and CSR-compliant rewards like Sociabble Trees.
Sociabble Trees: Reforest the World & Grow Engagement

Master Attention in the Workplace

Engagement & Reward

Mobile Alerts

Leverage mobile notifications as a direct channel to immediately notify office but also frontline workers.

Multi-Channel Communication

Adapt strategy to reach all employees through varied channels like Teams, newsletters, and display screens.
Multichannel Communication

Critical Information

Ensure compulsory information such as security procedures are always seen with "must-read" and "must-watch" content.
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Targeted Messaging

Maintain the relevance of notifications by targeting messages to the right people at the perfect moment.

Set a New Standard for Engagement

Gamify the Journey

Reward Employees Effectively

Extend Gamification and Rewards Reach

Enhance your engagement and rewards system with Sociabble’s powerful integration tools.

Zapier and Power Automate

Integrate effortlessly with thousands of applications using low-code solutions to enhance and automate your gamification workflows.

Sociabble’s Public API

Leverage our API to automate the distribution of points and badges, customizing triggers based on specific actions within your platforms.
Sociabble integrations

Sociabble Bots & Webhooks:

Push notifications and rewards updates directly across popular platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Viva Engage.

Measure the Impact of Engagement

Access detailed insights into your employee engagement campaigns with targeted analytics.
Engagement & Reward

Engagement Metrics

Track generated clicks, likes, shares, comments, and more, to identify top-performing content and key advocates.

Campaign Reach

Monitor the effectiveness of your content distribution across audiences, channels and social networks. Gauge brand visibility and audience penetration.

ROI Evaluation

Compare organic engagement against the equivalent cost of paid advertising to understand your advocacy program's value.