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The Mandatory Training Announcement: How “Must-Watch” Videos Make the Difference

Evolution and growth go hand-in-hand, and proper training is the catalyst that makes both possible. Discover the best ways to ensure that employees are actually taking the steps they need to expand their roles and reach their potential.
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The notion of being professional may seem static, but in fact, excelling in business requires a dynamic attitude and a willingness to learn and adapt. That’s why training and professional development are so critical to success in any corporate arena. But what’s the best way for a business to ensure that employees are actually taking the proper measures to grow into their ever changing roles?

Fortunately, in today’s evolving landscape, there are new technologies available–technologies that are especially useful in a digital age when gaining attention and fostering engagement are more critical than ever. And from a mandatory training announcement, to the training session itself and the follow-up quiz, the Sociabble communication & training platform is a solution that ensures employee engagement and knowledge retention through a series of cutting-edge features based around the power of “must-watch” video. 

The Power of “Must-Watch” Videos for a Training Program

In today’s online, digital, and socially connected world, people are used to visual content–it’s a fact. And video has proven time and time again to be one of the most effective ways of informing staff and keeping them engaged, far more so than text-based messaging alone. Video caters to different learning styles, and can easily transcend boundaries that often prove problematic for text-based updates. Research has demonstrated this to be consistently true.

For example: one study focused on the integration of video-based learning in teaching business statistics, which revealed a notable improvement in students’ performance in assessments. Before the introduction of video-based learning, a significant percentage of students failed the computer-based examination component of the module.

The introduction of video-based learning support significantly improved students’ abilities to apply knowledge under time-constrained conditions, thereby enhancing their overall performance in the module.

Another investigation into the effectiveness of video length in a flipped classroom setting found that shorter videos (less than 6 minutes) are more beneficial for student engagement and academic achievement. The study highlights the importance of optimizing video length to maintain student interest and improve learning outcomes. The flipped classroom model, supported by short, engaging videos, was shown to enhance students’ motivation and independent learning, thereby improving overall teaching effectiveness.

These findings underscore the importance of thoughtful integration of video-based learning and the strategic use of video length to maximize educational outcomes. The shift towards more active forms of learning, such as those facilitated by video-based and flipped classroom models, can significantly impact engagement, motivation, and long-term knowledge retention, leading to improved performance.


Making a Mandatory Training Session Truly Mandatory: Sociabble’s “Must-Watch” Video Feature

With innovative technologies, however, must come an innovative approach. And Sociabble stands at the very forefront of this transformative, visual approach to employee training session development. The platform’s robust infrastructure supports the hosting and dissemination of video content, ensuring that training materials are not just accessible but also engaging. Through Sociabble, organizations can deliver personalized training content, making sure that the right videos reach the right employees at the right time. This targeted delivery is crucial for large organizations where training needs can vary significantly across different departments or roles.

Sociabble’s true multi-channel experience ensures that employees can access training session content on the device of their choice, be it through a web app, mobile app, email, or even digital signage. This flexibility significantly increases the likelihood of training content being engaged with, regardless of an employee’s location or job function.

And whereas language barriers have often stood in the way of global training methods, Sociabble Enterprise Video has real-time AI-powered translation built in, ensuring that staff in virtually any office in the world will be able to understand training videos and follow along. 

However, one of the most compelling and effective elements of Sociabble enterprise video is its unique “must-watch” feature, which makes it obligatory for employees to watch a training session video until the end and acknowledge the watching of the video upon its completion. This way, employers can rest assured that the workforce is getting the mandatory training that they need, and identify individual employees that may require additional encouragement.  

Lastly, Sociabble can go further, by pushing quizzes and/or surveys in order to verify understanding and effectiveness of the learning content. So not only do managers know that the video has been watched to the end, they can also verify that employees absorbed the necessary information and can adapt their approach and techniques accordingly. 


Enhancing Training Session Engagement with Sociabble’s Features

From the mandatory training announcement email to the follow-up quiz, Sociabble’s video capabilities and “must-watch” features ensure that the message will get through.

What it all comes down to, though, is engagement–making sure that employees are actually invested in learning and growing in their roles. And what sets Sociabble apart is not just its ability to disseminate video content but also its unique engagement framework. The platform incorporates gamification, leaderboards, and rewards, motivating employees to engage with training materials actively. This approach not only makes learning more enjoyable but also fosters a competitive spirit that encourages further engagement.

Moreover, Sociabble’s advanced analytics provide insights into how training content performs, allowing organizations to measure engagement levels and adjust their strategies accordingly. This data-driven approach ensures that training programs are not just effective but also continuously optimized for maximum impact. With Sociabble, managers can take a holistic approach to generating, maintaining, and measuring engagement. 


From Mandatory Training Sessions to Workplace Safety & Customer Service: Real-World Success Stories

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see how videos can be a powerful tool for delivering compulsory training details and updates across various sectors, offering an engaging and effective way to impart essential knowledge and skills. Whether it’s security measures, new protocols, customer service updates, or inclusion training, video is an extremely effective medium for getting your training aims across.

Here are some examples of areas where videos are particularly beneficial for compulsory training, and can contribute in the long run toward continuous learning: 

  1. Workplace Safety Training: In industries like construction, manufacturing, and healthcare, training announcement videos can vividly demonstrate safety procedures, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and emergency response actions. By showing real-life scenarios and simulations, videos help employees understand the importance of safety protocols and how to apply them.
  2. Compliance and Legal Training: Organizations use video training for compliance with legal, regulatory, and ethical standards. Topics might include anti-harassment training, data protection laws (e.g., GDPR in the EU), and anti-money laundering protocols. Training announcement videos made via an easily accessible training announcement email template can make complex legal concepts more accessible and engaging for employees.
  3. Healthcare Procedures and Protocols: In the healthcare sector, video training can be used to teach or refresh medical professionals on clinical procedures, patient care protocols, and the use of new medical equipment. Videos with training details allow for in-depth demonstrations that are critical for maintaining high standards of patient care.
  4. Customer Service: For roles that involve customer interaction, training announcement videos can demonstrate effective communication techniques, problem-solving strategies, and ways to handle complex situations. Watching and analyzing these interactions in a video format can be more impactful than traditional lecture-based training, and when properly promoted across a platform like Sociabble, can attract better attendance than an old-fashioned mandatory training announcement email.  
  5. Software and Technology Training: With the rapid evolution of technology, organizations frequently need to train employees on new software applications or platforms. Videos can provide step-by-step tutorials that employees can follow at their own pace, enhancing learning and adoption rates, and boosting professional growth.
  6. Food Safety and Hygiene Training: In the food service and hospitality industry, videos can be used to teach employees about proper food handling, preparation, and storage practices as well as general hygiene standards to prevent foodborne illnesses.
  7. Environmental Awareness Training: For companies committed to sustainability, video training can help educate employees about environmental policies, waste management procedures, and practices for reducing the company’s environmental footprint. A simple training invitation email with a video link can suffice if they’re not connected to a communication platform like Sociabble. 
  8. Security Training: Videos can teach employees about security protocols, including physical security measures, cybersecurity practices, and how to recognize and respond to potential security threats. Employee training announcements can take the form of a hypothetical dangerous situation, with the solutions to be provided in the actual training session. 

In each of these areas, videos offer a dynamic and versatile training tool, capable of conveying information through visual and auditory means. This can enhance understanding and retention, especially when training covers complex procedures or critical safety information.


Best Practices for Creating Must-Watch Training Videos on Sociabble

So what’s the best way to go about creating videos then? What do companies need to keep in mind when putting together video-based materials to inform employees? Here are a few best practices that you can deploy in your own training programs, and that will help you to start sending out your own training announcement videos:

  • Align videos with training goals: Clearly define the objectives at the outset, and make sure you stick to them throughout. Keep employees appraised of any relevant upcoming training opportunity. 
  • Employ storytelling for complex concepts: Use narratives to make online training more relatable; have an introduction, middle, and conclusion, and use real-world examples. 
  • Opt for brevity: Shorter online training videos tend to keep the audience engaged. Remember, less is often more!
  • Personalize video delivery: Utilize Sociabble’s unique targeting features to ensure content reaches its intended audience. And don’t be afraid to use a training announcement template if it makes things easier. 
  • Engage with interactive elements: Incorporate quizzes and polls to foster active learning. Get the trainees involved and engaged with the material.
  • Guarantee accessibility across devices: Videos should be viewable on any device. Sociabble’s mobile app, for example, ensures that remote and frontline employees can watch training videos on the go, on their own phone. 
  • Implement automatic translation: Make content accessible to diverse language speakers across the globe with Sociabble’s translation feature, which, thanks to its real-time capabilities, almost totally breaks down traditional language barriers. 
  • Prioritize production quality: High-quality visuals and sound enhance viewer experience. Attractive content is generally engaging content, when it comes to training announcement videos.
  • Utilize analytics for improvement: Monitor engagement to identify and address areas for enhancement. Fine-tune your efforts to get optimal results.


Conclusion: Sociabble’s “Must-Watch” Videos Make the Difference 

Video is increasingly a crucial component of corporate training, and the “must-watch” feature incorporated into Sociabble Enterprise Video can help you ensure that employees watch, engage with, and learn the content, far better than the often-ignored formal training announcement email of yesteryear. In today’s digital reality, “must-watch” makes the difference for video training. 

In summary, this article has covered:

  • The emerging role of visual learning in training programs & training announcement videos
  • The potential power of the “must-watch” video feature
  • Examples of how video can be incorporated into training programs by industry
  • Best practices for deploying your own training videos

If you’d like to learn more about the Sociabble platform, and how its Sociabble Enterprise Video module can enhance your training program and make it more effective, we’d love to chat. We’ve already worked with global industry leaders like L’Occitane, Coca-Cola CCEP, and Primark to enhance their communications, and we’re excited to show you the difference that Sociabble can make at your company as well. 

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