A secured solution.

They put their trust in us.

Since its founding in 2014, Sociabble has partnered with an ever-growing list of clients, to provide an employee communication platform backed up by ironclad data security.

From the strict requirements of cybersecurity and banking, to the complex connection-based needs of remote and retail workers, the Sociabble platform has proven itself again and again to be a completely secure communication solution across a variety of sectors and industries.

Far from resting on our laurels, however, we continually audit our security systems using penetration tests conducted by our own clients and independent cybersecurity companies alike.

We do this because we believe that security isn’t a variable to be measured and compared, but rather an absolute that must be in place. Total data security is a must—nothing less will do.

GDPR Compliant

Your data is safe in our hands.

Although Sociabble is an international company with a global presence, we’ve retained many elements of our original French DNA—and we are founded and headquartered in the same country that hosts the GDPR’s ruling institution.

Data security and privacy are a fundamental part of who we are and the services we offer, as demonstrated by our platform’s automated content and user archiving cycles, our Smart Offboarding feature, and additional controls that ensure personal data and content are only retained for the mandated period before being permanently deleted.

Beyond personal information, all of our clients’ data is consistently encrypted, be it in transit or at rest, and clients themselves remain the sole data controllers of their respective Sociabble-based platforms. This ensures that all circulating data within their digital community belongs to them, and them only.

Microsoft Azure Hosting

A trusted ally since the very beginning.

Our very first collaboration was with Microsoft, and we’ve built our platform on their world-renowned and globally trusted Azure architecture ever since. And as a “Microsoft Gold Partner” SaaS hosted on Azure, we’re able to offer their same impeccable level of security, guaranteeing only the very best in terms of platform data management, infrastructure, and performance.

99.99% Uptime

We’re always there for you.

As a SaaS without any onsite installation required, our solution will be available to your entire community as soon as it’s launched—there is no wait, or lengthy setup required.

And thanks to our fully redundant architecture, based in two distinct geographical regions, we’re able to offer an incredibly reliable platform, with an average availability of over 99.99% per month.

This paired system guarantees you resilience, ensuring you have an employee communication platform you can completely rely on.


Absolutely! Sociabble ensures that internal communications are kept confidential, with sensitive info shared only with intended recipients.

We offer numerous privacy and security features, letting you control who can access specific content. With advanced access control, only authorized employees can access confidential data or use certain features.

As we highly value privacy and security, Sociabble is fully GDPR compliant, helping you protect your internal communications effectively.

As a global company rooted in France, Sociabble proudly offers a solution that’s fully GDPR compliant. We only process essential personal data, necessary to create tailored content for audiences.

We don’t handle sensitive data and have protocols to fully anonymize and return all data after contract termination. Your privacy and data protection are our top priorities!

Sociabble holds security paramount, ensuring full encryption of all data, both during transit and storage. Our vigilant monitoring systems actively track user activities and infrastructure integrity.

By employing secure coding, rigorous OWASP vulnerability checks, hackathons, and comprehensive external audits, we make sure to safeguard your data.

Rest assured, we never duplicate data across testing environments, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to protect your information.

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