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Internal Communication

Reach everyone with targeted content and create a strong corporate culture while measuring your success.
Internal communication

Employee Advocacy

Boost the reach of your marketing messages by 561% and make your employees real brand ambassadors.
Employee advocacy

Employee Engagement

Keep your employees engaged while improving employee retention and building a strong company culture.
Employee engagement

Social Selling

Leverage your employees' social networks for prospecting and generate an average of 2x your existing pipeline.
Social selling

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With your employees flooded with information, it’s harder than ever for your company’s internal messages to stand out in a sea of tools and competing information streams. But if well implemented, an employee communication strategy can help you:

  • Centralize your internal communications initiatives
  • Keep your employees aligned with the company’s objectives
  • Promote your important messages
  • Inform your employees
  • Engage your employee community
  • Build a transparent and strong company culture

With rising paid media costs, limited organic reach, and increased skepticism in regard to brand advertising, it’s incredibly difficult for marketers to increase brand awareness and truly engage target audiences. 

Launching an employee advocacy platform and engaging in employee advocacy marketing and company brand advocacy is now an important part of the marketing mix in social media marketing. It helps boosting brand visibility, drive audience engagement, and increase website traffic.

It’s important to note that employee engagement can be different from employee satisfaction and can be influenced by various factors such as communication, trust, employee empowerment and recognition.

With employee turnover on the rise, using an employee engagement platform is more important than ever. It will help you:

  • Unify your workforce
  • Build an effective recognition program
  • Get insights on your employee moral (employee surveys & polls)
  • Build a strong company culture 

First it’s important to know that leads developed through employee social selling convert  7x more frequently  than other leads. 

With the global economy slowing down, new organic ways  to generate business such as social selling are more important than ever.

A social selling strategy linked to a solid tool will guide you toward your sales objectives easier. This tool has to help you on:

  • Improving thought leadership on social media
  • Refining your social selling plan using data
  • Gamifying and creating sales challenges easily
  • Tracking all your social interactions with prospects
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