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Customer :Groupe L’Occitane
Customer :Roche
Customer :Carrefour
Customer :Groupe Renault
Customer :Coca-Cola
Customer :Groupama
Customer :Microsoft
Customer :Finastra
Customer :ExterionMedia
Customer :Adecco Group France
Customer :Auriège
Customer :BNP Paribas
Customer :L’Oréal
Customer :Edenred
Customer :Allianz

What analysts say about us

« Best Fit : Companies in the high tech, financial services, manufacturing and retail industries may find Sociabble a strong fit. The platform’s robust governance capabilities, including its ACPR and GDPR compliance, make it a strong fit especially for distributed global financial services firms with multilingual social network requirements and complex oversight processes.»
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«Sociabble serves customers in more than 80 countries with a mix of locally based and partner-provided customer success managers. Sociabble is a good choice for multinationals that want to digitally empower a large and diverse group of users.»
Sociabble is listed as a leader for Sales Social Enablement Tools.
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Unleash the potential of your employees

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    Internal Communications Drive effective communication in the workplace and boost employee engagement through a centralized hub. Beyond a social media aggregator, Sociabble drives personalized internal and external information to each of your employees, no matter where they are located.
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    Advocacy Marketing Increase reach, traffic, and conversion rates through employee advocacy and boost employee engagement by empowering teams as company brand ambassadors on social media. Complement your current social media marketing strategy by driving social media influence through your company's employees.
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    Influencers Empower communities of superfans to become brand ambassadors and advocate for your brand on social media and develop brand affinity through co-creation. Boost your brand awareness through the help of influencer marketing.
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    Social Selling Enable sales teams to demonstrate expertise, engage prospects, generate, and track leads through social selling. Boost your commercial team's current lead generation strategy by boosting sellers' social media influence.
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    Recruitment & Employer Branding Amplify recruitment opportunities and develop employer branding on social media. Expand your current hr social media strategy and boost your current brand marketing by engaging employees.
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