Employee advocacy ~ 1 min

Employee advocacy: your ultimate guide

Employee advocacy: harnessing staff as authentic online brand ambassadors.
Table of Contents
  1. What is employee advocacy?
  2. Why is employee advocacy important: thought leadership and authenticity
  3. The benefits of an employee advocacy program
  4. Find the best employee advocacy platform
  5. Employee advocacy mobile app is key
  6. Launch an employee advocacy strategy pilot
  7. Employee advocacy training and going beyond the "share"
  8. Incorporate employee advocacy into employee communication
  9. Conclusion: an employee advocacy plan is definitely worth it

1. So what exactly is the employee advocacy definition?

It’s no secret that employees are the most crucial resource at any given company. But what is often overlooked is that they can also be a brand’s most powerful ambassadors. Simply by using their own enthusiasm and influence to spread awareness across their social networks.

“Employee advocacy” has been a hot topic as of late, and with good reason—it’s seen as an essential part of any marketing platform in the digital era. But what is it, exactly? What is the
employee advocacy definition?

Essentially, employee advocacy is what happens when employees use their own social networks or other information channels to promote their company. By sharing the right content, liking updates, and even creating company-related content of their own, they spread positive brand awareness and become online ambassadors of the brand.Because this word-of-mouth publicity is more authentic and organic, potential consumers tend to trust it more. After all, wouldn’t you trust a friend’s recommendation far more than an advertisement you saw online?

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