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 Blog ~ 11 min

Authentic Video Communication: A Guide to Reconnecting Leadership with Employees

Traditional methods of internal comms are often inadequate to connect leadership and employees effectively. Discover how Sociabble helps.

 Blog ~ 10 min

Why use video for internal communications with frontline workers?

Explore the transformative power of video frontline communication and how Sociabble’s innovative approach leads this change.

Group photo of the Sociabblers in Paris offices
 Blog ~ 8 min

Sociabble Turns 10: Celebrating a Full Decade of Innovation in Internal Comms

As Sociabble marks its 10th anniversary, we delve into how Sociabble has been at the vanguard of this transformation.

 Blog ~ 9 min

Elevating Organizational Knowledge: The Impact of Video in Best Practices Sharing

Delve into how video can be leveraged to facilitate effective, secure, and accessible knowledge sharing within your organization.

Middle-aged woman posing alone in an office space with a laptop in front of her, out of which Ask AI comes out
 Blog ~ 5 min

What Comes After Workplace from Meta? Transition to a Platform with Cutting-Edge AI

When searching out a replacement for Workplace from Meta, AI is a factor that virtually all companies will consider. Sociabble…

Collaboration and communication within a close team on a regular workspace
 Blog ~ 4 min

Beyond Workplace from Meta: Transitioning to a Secure and Compliant Tool

With Workplace from Meta shutting down, companies are searching for alternatives that offer robust security and compliance. In this article,…


7 Ways Employee Advocacy Empowers Health Sector Growth

From healthcare to health tech to pharma, employee advocacy emerges as a crucial imperative for all.

employee advocate
 Blog ~ 14 min

The Employee Advocate: A Key Player in Your Modern Business Strategy

There are many ways to spread positive brand awareness in the digital age, with new online platforms and outlets providing…

 Blog ~ 6 min

Unleashing the Power of Social Influence in Healthcare Marketing

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, human connections matter. It’s a different kind of field, one where consumers want more…

 Guides ~ 19 min

What is Employee Engagement: The Ultimate Guide

What is employee engagement, and what can a company to do increase employee engagement levels in the long run? Learn…

 Blog ~ 4 min

How to Transform Frontline Workers into Online Ambassadors

Who better than frontline employees to spread the word about your brand? They know the products and services inside and…


Frontline workers & internal communication: keeping the connection alive

Enhance frontline communication with our tips. Keep employees engaged and achieve results.