Client Success Stories

The case studies we’ve collected illustrate how you can unleash the potential of your employees to successfully meet these challenges.

Employee advocacy ~ 10 min

ADP Group: Promoting a Pioneering Spirit & Strengthening Engagement through Employee Advocacy

ADP Group has implemented Sociabble to enhance both its internal and external communications, maximizing the visibility of its innovations and…

Employee advocacy ~ 7 min

Expereo: Uniting and Engaging Employees Around the Company Vision

Expereo completely transformed its internal and external communications, strengthening employee engagement and increasing brand visibility in the process. Within just…

Employee engagement ~ 9 min

AXA Group: Energizing Internal Communication and Engaging Employees with Sociabble

AXA, a leading player in insurance, savings, and asset management, protects 93 million people across 51 countries. As part of…

Internal communication ~ 3 min

Intech Deploys Sociabble to Bridge Communication Distances in Medical Solutions

Intech is a company that specializes in providing medical device solutions and services. With nine locations across the world, including…

Employer branding ~ 15 min

SolidCAD: Turning Brand Hurdles into Success Stories

Find out how challenges in online brand-building can actually become exciting opportunities for organizational growth. It’s all in this interview!

vinci energies
Employee communication ~ 9 min

Vinci Energies Chooses Sociabble to Manage its Global and Local Communications

Vinci Energies has over 90,000 employees located all around the world—and to keep them all connected with company news and…

Social selling ~ 24 min

Quest Software: How Effective Communication Fuels Social Selling

Learn how to boost your social selling potential with Sandy Adam of Quest Software. The tips you need are right…

Employee engagement ~ 3 min

Sidetrade Keeps an Expanding Workforce Aligned & Gets 10K Likes with a Single Platform

When a company hits the mark and starts experiencing rapid growth, keeping a growing workforce on the same page can…

Employee advocacy ~ 21 min

Capgemini: Scaling Employee Advocacy on a Global Level

An international leader in technology services consulting, Capgemini has 365,000 employees, not to mention clients all over the world. Which…

Employee engagement ~ 20 min

POET: Harnessing Employee Advocacy to Recruit Top Talent

Unlock employee advocacy’s recruitment potential with Wendy Alexander from POET. Valuable insights await!

How Tata Realty Led a Successful Merger Through Seamless Employee Communication
Employer branding ~ 10 min

Employee Communication: How Tata Realty Achieved a Successful Merger Thanks to Unified Internal Comms

Can it be challenging to merge drastically different companies? Of course. But can the right employee comms strategy ease the…

©SERIS@France-Surveillance-Industrie (30)
Employee communication ~ 10 min

Seris Security: Empowering Field Agents with Digital Communication

Seris Security, a leader in professional security, has succeeded in reconnecting its field operatives thanks to Sociabble. A single digital…