Client Success Stories

The case studies we’ve collected illustrate how you can unleash the potential of your employees to successfully meet these challenges.

Employee advocacy ~ 21 min

Capgemini: Scaling Employee Advocacy on a Global Level

An international leader in technology services consulting, Capgemini has 365,000 employees, not to mention clients all over the world. Which…

Employee engagement ~ 20 min

POET: Harnessing Employee Advocacy to Recruit Top Talent

Unlock employee advocacy’s recruitment potential with Wendy Alexander from POET. Valuable insights await!

How Tata Realty Led a Successful Merger Through Seamless Employee Communication
Employer branding ~ 10 min

Employee Communication: How Tata Realty Achieved a Successful Merger Thanks to Unified Internal Comms

Can it be challenging to merge drastically different companies? Of course. But can the right employee comms strategy ease the…

©SERIS@France-Surveillance-Industrie (30)
Employee communication ~ 10 min

Seris: Empowering Field Agents with Digital Communication

Seris, a leader in professional security, has succeeded in reconnecting its field operatives thanks to Sociabble. A single digital platform…

pierre fabre success story
Employee communication ~ 8 min

A Redesigned Digital Workplace for the 10,000 Employees of the Pierre Fabre Groupe

In order to contribute to the digital transformation of the Group, the communication teams chose to rethink Pierre Fabre’s internal…

MicrosoftTeams-image (43)
Employee advocacy ~ 16 min

Nuspire: Building an Impactful Employee Advocacy Strategy in a Sensitive Industry

  Cyber security is an industry built on discretion. On keeping secrets. On building relationships with clients who hold you…

Tata Consultancy Services Doubles Its Conversion Rate Thanks to Employee Advocacy
Employee advocacy ~ 7 min

Tata Consultancy Services Doubles Its Conversion Rate Thanks to Employee Advocacy

Learn how Tata Consultancy Services has harnessed the social media savvy of its own employees, saved hundreds of thousands of…

case study renault trucks
Employee communication ~ 9 min

Renault Trucks France:
A New Digital Communication System to Unite the Sales Network

Renault Trucks France decided to strengthen the link with its entire sales network by developing a new digital communication platform.…

Employee communication ~ 8 min

Edenred reinvents its internal communications for its 10 000 employees

How to break down the barriers between 10 000 employees in four months?

gene couv
Employee advocacy ~ 7 min

Generali Turns Thousands of its Agents into Expert Social Advisors

With Sociabble, Generali were able to make their agents leaders in online sales and communication.

Employee communication ~ 6 min

Interview with L’Occitane Group: An Internal Communication Case Study

Founded by Olivier Baussan in 1976, right in the Provence region of France, the L’OCCITANE Group is a leader in…

Employee advocacy ~ 5 min

How Freshworks’ Salesforce Became Social Selling Champions

Freshworks breaks the mold in the CRM market by becoming social selling champions. Discover their Social Selling journey.