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Expereo: Uniting and Engaging Employees Around the Company Vision

Expereo completely transformed its internal and external communications, strengthening employee engagement and increasing brand visibility in the process. Within just two weeks, 70% of employees had adopted the platform, with a stable monthly engagement rate of 80%. Employee advocacy campaigns quickly boosted social media visibility, achieving LinkedIn follower targets in only 19 days. This transformation enabled Expereo to successfully transition to a direct business model while consolidating a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Expereo, a global leader in internet connectivity, is transforming business digitalization. Serving 60% of Fortune 500 companies, Expereo ensures reliable and secure connectivity. With over 550 employees spread across six continents, Expereo stands out with its unique solution, Expereo One, offering an unparalleled customer experience. Faced with the transition from a wholesale model to a direct approach, Expereo encountered internal and external communication challenges. Thanks to Sociabble, Expereo overcame these obstacles, transforming its communication and reinforcing its position as a leader in intelligent connectivity solutions.


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Adoption rate of Sociabble in just two weeks


Monthly employee engagement on Sociabble

19 days

Time taken to reach the monthly target of new LinkedIn followers

The Challenges of Communication and Engagement 

1. Communicating externally about the transformation for the business model

With the shift from a wholesale to a direct-to-enterprise sales model, Expereo faced a significant challenge: effectively repositioning its brand in a complex and competitive ecosystem. This change not only required redefining Expereo’s market approach but also clearly communicating this transformation to its current and potential clients.

The objective was twofold: maintaining strong relationships with wholesale partners while building a robust reputation directly with global enterprises. This transition demanded an external communication strategy capable of reflecting Expereo’s new strategic direction while highlighting its unique ability to deliver tailored and innovative connectivity solutions.

Shifting to a direct sales model required repositioning the brand in a competitive ecosystem. The goal was to maintain strong relationships with wholesale partners while building a robust reputation with global enterprises.

2. Engaging employees in the transformation

Internally, the change in business model presented equally significant challenges. It was crucial that all employees, whether they were in direct customer-facing roles or operating in support functions, fully understood and embraced the new strategy.

“We needed to ensure that our employees, spread across various geographies and cultures, felt connected and engaged in the company’s mission. To succeed, it was necessary not only to inform them but also to motivate them to adopt and promote the new strategic objectives,” recalls Emily Pearce, Director of Communication and Engagement at Expereo. The challenge lay in transforming internal operations and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration that actively supported the new business model.

These challenges required a thoughtful and well-executed approach: ensuring consistency and effectiveness in all messages, both external and internal. The goal was to support Expereo’s new brand strategy as a leader in enterprise connectivity.

Sociabble achieved a 70% adoption rate in just two weeks, with monthly engagement stabilizing at an impressive 80%.

Emily Pearce
Emily Pearce Communications and engagement Director Expereo

Sociabble: A Technological and Strategic Partner

To address Expereo’s communication challenges, Sociabble emerged as a key partner, providing both a robust technological solution and tailored strategic support. According to Emily Pearce, “Thanks to Sociabble, Expereo has been able to transform its communication approach, both internally and externally, leveraging innovative features and a well-defined strategy.” Here’s how Sociabble helped Expereo achieve its goals:

– Highlighting the top management

The use of Sociabble to disseminate videos and messages from top management has been crucial in making leadership more accessible and visible. With video integration, Sociabble enables the direct publication of videos on the platform, ensuring that all employees, regardless of their location, can access communications from top management. Additionally, targeted distribution allows for specific messages to be sent to groups of employees, ensuring personalized and effective communication. Real-time push notifications increase the visibility of new videos and important messages, thereby maximizing employee engagement.

– Strengthening a sense of belonging

To promote user-generated content (UGC) and encourage engagement, Sociabble offers thematic communication channels. For instance, the “Life at Expereo” channel allows employees to share their personal and professional experiences, enhancing their sense of belonging. User-generated content can be moderated to ensure relevance and quality while encouraging personal expression. Reward badges, integrated into the gamification system and awarded for active participation, stimulate engagement and recognize employee contributions, thereby strengthening teamwork within the company.

– Rollout of an employee advocacy program

The development of a culture of social sharing has been facilitated by Sociabble at Expereo, with campaigns like “Faster to Our Followers” aimed at rapidly increasing the number of followers on Expereo’s official account within weeks. Sociabble integrates social sharing along with numerous advanced engagement and planning capabilities. These features enable employees to easily share company content on their own social networks, thereby boosting brand visibility. Detailed analytics track the performance of sharing campaigns, providing insights to adjust strategies based on engagement and reach data.

Furthermore, a rewards program for the most active social media contributors encourages more employees to participate in sharing campaigns, thereby reinforcing the culture of employee advocacy within Expereo.

– Sharing knowledge about Expereo’s products and services

To better inform employees about Expereo’s products and services, Sociabble enables the creation of product information campaigns with rich multimedia content (native PDF viewer, chaptered videos with automatic translation, audio podcast player). Additionally, RSS integration automatically disseminates the latest news and product updates, ensuring employees stay informed about market developments. Furthermore, centralizing content in a feature-rich library (with preview capabilities, rights management, etc.) provides easy access to all product and service information, supporting understanding of the new internal business model.

By combining these features with tailored support from project consultants and technical support teams (Customer Success Managers), Sociabble has enabled Expereo to enhance its communication, engage its employees, and effectively promote its innovations in an authentic manner.

Implementation of Sociabble at Expereo

Supported by the Customer Success Management (CSM) teams, the implementation of Sociabble at Expereo was a structured and swift process. The goal was to maximize adoption and effectiveness of communication efforts in a short timeframe.

– Employee training

A comprehensive training program was implemented to familiarize employees with the features of Sociabble. Both online and in-person sessions covered platform usage and content creation, facilitating rapid adoption.

– Platform customization

Sociabble was customized to meet the specific needs of Expereo. Thematic channels such as “Life at Expereo” and “Expereo News” were created. RSS feed integration automatically broadcasts industry news. Additionally, badges reward employees who contribute new content.

– Deployment stages

The deployment occurred in several phases. A pilot with the sales team began in September, allowing for testing and platform adjustments. Less than four months later, Sociabble was expanded to the entire organization. Employee appreciation campaigns and virtual events were implemented to enhance engagement. Additionally, video messages from top management were broadcasted to bring the leadership closer to the employees.

Results and Impact

The implementation of Sociabble at Expereo has generated significant and measurable results, fundamentally transforming the company’s internal and external communication.

– Employee engagement

As Emily Pearce explains, “Sociabble achieved a 70% adoption rate in just two weeks, surpassing initial expectations.” Monthly employee engagement has stabilized around 80%, with peaks during specific campaigns such as “Customer Service Week” and “Ready to Give Thanks.”

– Improvement in communication

Video messages from top management have brought leadership closer to employees, making them more accessible and enhancing the transparency and trust within the company. Thematic channels like “Life at Expereo” have strengthened the sense of belonging and unity among geographically dispersed employees.

– External visibility

The employee advocacy campaigns, such as “Faster to Our Followers,” significantly increased Expereo’s visibility on social media. Within 19 days, Expereo achieved its monthly goal for new LinkedIn followers, showcasing the effectiveness of the content sharing strategy.

– Product knowledge

Training initiatives and informational campaigns have improved Expereo employees’ understanding of the company’s offerings, facilitating better communication of products and services to clients.

– Recognition and appreciation

The reward badge program has encouraged employee engagement, with 10% of employees receiving badges each month. In December, this figure rose to 44% thanks to specific campaigns.

Transform Your Communication and Engagement with Sociabble

The implementation of Sociabble has enabled Expereo to transform its communication, increase employee engagement, and strengthen its brand visibility, while facilitating a better understanding of its products and services. Content sharing and recognition initiatives have bolstered a sense of belonging and unity within the company.

At Sociabble, we assist leading companies in their sectors—such as Expereo—in addressing their communication and employee engagement challenges. Sociabble provides a comprehensive and adaptable solution that transforms how companies interact with their employees and external audiences. Together with Sociabble, companies like yours can maximize engagement, strengthen corporate culture, and enhance your brand visibility.

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