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Your Employees Are Your Greatest Asset

Retail: Empower Your Workforce in Shops, Factories, and Offices

Reduce Employee Turnover

Retail faces a 60% annual employee turnover. Sociabble helps reduce this by fostering an engaged workforce through effective onboarding, communication, and recognition programs. By ensuring that employees feel valued and connected, Sociabble improves retention rates and promotes a stable work environment.

Increase Productivity and Engagement

Many retail workers lack communication with HQ, with 41% feeling unheard. Sociabble bridges this gap with mobile-first solutions, including secure corporate chat, request forms, and important procedure notifications, ensuring that every employee, regardless of location, stays informed and engaged.

Reach All Employees in Stores, Warehouses, and Offices

Retail: Empower Your Workforce in Shops, Factories, and Offices

Mobile App & Chat

Ensure all employees, including those without desks, stay informed and collaborate through mobile app and secure chat for updates, announcements, and daily logistics.

Screen Display

Display important information and real-time updates on screens throughout your locations.

Email Newsletters

Keep employees engaged with targeted newsletters delivered directly to their email inboxes or accessible via the mobile app for those without email addresses.

Web Interface

Sociabble provides an excellent desktop experience. Office employees can send updates via the desktop platform, while field staff receive these updates on their mobile devices.

Get Office and Field Staff Closer

  • Keep Your Team Updated

    Ensure critical global news and updates are seen by all employees with robust mobile notifications. Announce significant changes, such as new leadership teams or acquisitions, new initiatives like store or market openings, and key events like Black Friday and Mother's Day to your field team.
  • Secure and Corporate Mobile Chat

    Replace WhatsApp with Sociabble’s encrypted chat, designed specifically for corporate use. Facilitate communication between office workers using desktops and frontline workers accessing mobile devices in a secure and professional environment. Admins can smoothly manage user life cycles, ensuring that employees who enter or leave the organization are properly added or removed from conversations.
  • Create Internal Communities

    Sociabble enables the creation and management of internal employee communities across your organization. Through dedicated community chats and local channels, employees can share moments at work, provide updates, participate in discussions, and collaborate on projects. Admins can easily moderate these communities.
  • Tailored Governance for Your Organization

    Implement advanced scopes and rights management to define precise action perimeters for each role. Customize permissions for country managers, store managers, executive teams, warehouse employees, and others to match their specific operational needs and responsibilities.

Build a Culture of Engagement & Recognition

  • Promote Your Values and Vision

    Emphasize your company's core values, such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and sports ethics. Ensure these principles are clearly communicated and celebrated at all levels of the organization.
  • Enhance Workplace Life

    Highlight and celebrate workplace milestones, such as sports team tournaments, new hires, and team achievements. Foster a sense of community and belonging by showcasing these events through photos and videos shared by your employees or local communicators.
  • Reward and Recognize Employees

    Celebrate key milestones such as work anniversaries and employee of the month awards. Automatically create employee journeys and reward them with badges, CSR rewards, or other incentives.
  • Encourage Peer-to-Peer Recognition

    Promote a supportive and collaborative work environment through peer-to-peer recognition programs. Encourage employees to send personalized messages called "praises" to congratulate their colleagues.

Faciliate Daily Operations

  • Request Forms & Management

    Sociabble offers a request form system that allows employees to easily submit inventory requests, logistics demands, and other customizable types of requests. These requests can be processed by admins with granted rights, who can assign, process and update the requester on the status of their request.
  • Visual Problem-Solving

    Field staff can share videos or photos to quickly highlight issues or observations, providing a clear and immediate understanding of situations that may be difficult to explain in text.
  • Accessible Procedure Documents

    The document repository and content pinning options make important procedure documents, like setup instructions, safety guidelines, or shift planning, easily accessible directly through mobile devices. This is especially useful for staff without SharePoint or Google Drive access.

Foster Training & Safety

  • Mandatory Training and Onboarding

    Sociabble ensures all employees, from new hires to seasoned staff, complete essential training through "must watch" videos and other training supports like photos, PDFs, and text tutorials. Dynamic groups allow specific training content to be displayed to targeted audiences, such as newly onboarded staff.
  • Interactive and Peer-to-Peer Training

    Sociabble supports the creation and distribution of interactive materials, such as quizzes and polls, from administrators or employees themselves. The platform also enables peer-to-peer sharing through training sessions shared by employees or local managers.
  • Access to Health and Safety Measures

    Sociabble provides easy access to health and safety guidelines via mobile devices or TV display. Push notifications to highlight critical safety measures and compulsory documents.

Create a customized employee experience at Each Store Level

  • Share Locally Relevant Information

    Create tailored groups and channels based on departments, locations, projects, and more. Personalize the employee experience with targeted content, notifications, newsletters, and app-specific access, ensuring that each store receives information relevant to its needs.
  • Gauge Field Sentiment

    Use polls at both global and local levels to take the pulse from the field. This allows you to gather valuable feedback and insights from employees, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs are addressed.
  • Speak the Language of Your Local Team

    Support multilingual content on posts and videos with editable translations and custom dictionaries. Automatically adapt content to match the language preferences of each employee.

Turn Employees into Brand Advocates

  • Empower Employees with Social Sharing

    Sociabble enables retail employees to become powerful brand advocates by sharing company-approved content on their personal social media channels.
  • Engage with Gamification and Rewards

    Incentivize employees to share and engage with content through gamification elements such as leaderboards, badges, and points. Reward employees for their advocacy efforts with meaningful rewards like trees or more traditional incentives.
  • Provide Training and Resources

    Equip employees with the knowledge and resources they need to represent the brand effectively. Sociabble offers training modules and content libraries that educate employees on brand messaging, social media best practices, and company values. Additionally, an AI assistant can be activated to help employees write post descriptions in their preferred tone and language.

Secure Integration with Your Entire Digital Workplace

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Implement Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for secure, easy access for all employees, including deskless workers.

Platform Integration

Enhance productivity with deep integrations across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Access thousands of apps through advanced automation tools like Power Automate and Zapier.

Data Protection and ISO 27001

Sociabble is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant in Europe, CCPA compliant in California, and DPDP compliant in India, all backed by high availability infrastructure.

Administration and Governance

Delegate administration rights efficiently, limiting action scopes to specific audiences for nuanced governance tailored to your organizational needs.

Comprehensive Analytics for Your Retail Operations

Retail: Empower Your Workforce in Shops, Factories, and Offices

Engagement Metrics

Track key metrics such as document open rates, content views, comments, and device usage across various formats. Identify top-performing assets and key contributors, ensuring your communication strategies are effective and engaging.

Insights on Daily Operations

Extend analytics beyond traditional content to include detailed insights on video engagement, requests submitted and mobile app usage. Understand in-depth how employees interact and leverage the app for their daily operations.

Advocacy Reach

Assess the reach and impact of your distributed content across different audiences and social media to evaluate brand visibility and audience engagement.

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