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A Content Studio Designed for Communicators.

Content Editor

Communicators can select from multiple content types, including company news, social media posts to share, newsletters, live events, surveys, and more.

AI-Powered Creation

Our AI assistant, Ask AI, facilitates the entire creation process, aligning with your company's values, tone, strategy, and templates.


Enhance your storytelling by adding engaging formats such as photos, videos, PDFs, GIFs, and audio content.

Align all content with your strategic goals.

Content Creation

Company News

Create and share internal news to keep your employees informed about the latest updates.

Social Media Posts

Design social media posts for employees to share, amplifying your message across their personal networks.

Quizzes & Surveys

Send quizzes and surveys to engage employees and gather valuable insights.

Internal Newsletters

Craft engaging newsletters using curated content, customizable templates, and strategic targeting.

Plan & organize your content creation with ease.

AI Content Generation

Generate content with AI.

Leverage our secure AI capabilities to automatically generate compelling content. Reduce manual writing while maintaining a high standard of communication at a global level.

Editorial Calendar

Schedule your content.

Sociabble’s editorial planning tool gives you an overview of all your scheduled content through multiples views, ensuring relevant content reaches the right audience at the perfect moment.

Content Formats

Capture their attention.

Don’t limit yourself to just text! Attention is a scarce resource. Enhance your storytelling by incorporating a diverse mix of engaging formats, including photos, videos, PDFs, GIFs, and audio content.

Content Curation

Curate external content.

Automatically add articles and posts coming from social media, RSS feeds, and more, keeping your streams vibrant and up-to-date with minimal effort.

User Generated Content

Turn employees into contributors.

Communication doesn’t have to always come from the top! Encourage employees and local administrators to join in the content creation process by sharing their unique stories and perspectives directly from their mobile devices.

Get valuable insights.

Content Analytics
Content Creation

Analyze Your Content

Get insights on your most seen and engaging content. These metrics will help you to improve your content strategy and its impact.

Measure Engagement

Access a complete dashboard with content engagement metrics. See which individuals and teams are most engaged.

Content Segmentation

Create segmented groups based on user data, delivering targeted content at the right time for improved engagement and personalization.

Optimal Timing

Analyzes user activity and interaction patterns to determine the best timing for content posting, maximizing engagement rates and optimizing distribution strategy.


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To encourage employee-generated content, create an inclusive and supportive work environment that values employee input. Foster open communication channels, provide platforms for sharing ideas, recognize and reward contributions, and encourage collaboration. Empower employees to express themselves and showcase their expertise.

Employee-generated content offers numerous benefits:

  1. It fosters open communication, enabling knowledge sharing and collaboration among employees.
  2. It boosts employee engagement, creating a positive and inclusive company culture.
  3. By building a sense of community, it empowers employees to become advocates for the organization.
  4. Additionally, it attracts new talent, as the genuine voices of employees showcase the company’s values and appeal.

Absolutely! Sociabble ensures that internal communications are kept confidential, with sensitive info shared only with intended recipients.

We offer numerous privacy and security features, letting you control who can access specific content. With advanced access control, only authorized employees can access confidential data or use certain features.

As we highly value privacy and security, Sociabble is fully GDPR compliant, helping you protect your internal communications effectively.

Inform users, and enhance company communication by organizing brand, third-party and user-generated content (UGC) onto themed channels on the Sociabble employee advocacy platform.

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Want to see Sociabble in action?

Our experts will answer your questions and guide you through a platform demo.